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Winter Is Officially Over

Winter is officially over, because I’m on the plane to Tampa as I type this. My words look calm, but the excitement is bubbling as I look around me and all of a sudden everything seems to be about baseball. We arrived at Logan Airport with enough time to grab a meal before boarding, and corwin and I ate at Jerry Remy’s bar/restaurant. (Yes, they have a hot dog on the menu which they call the Remdawg, though the food was actually quite good). While sitting at the bar, just ESPN, the Deuce, and NESN weren’t enough, so I showed him the MLB At Bat app I have on my iPhone and read him an amusing article about how Mike Mussina dropped by Yankees camp. Then we went to our gate and in the hallway to our gate was a photography exhibit, Red Sox Then & Now.

I didn’t have time to read the plaque, but some longtime fan of the Red Sox has been taking/collecting photos at Fenway Park for years and years. I would have lingered over them but we spent a little too long lingering in Remdawg’s, and as we walked up to our gate it turned out we were among the last stragglers to get onto our flight. (Of course, people were being so slow to put their things into overhead bins that as it was, we still stood on the jetway in the freezing cold, waiting to get into the plane anyway.)

Now we’re on the plane, and it is equipped with XM Satellite Radio, which means I am listening to the Yankees vs. Red Sox from Fort Myers! It’s currently 7-4 Sox, neither Chien Ming-Wang nor Tim Wakefield were good, and I slept through most of the third and fourth innings so now I’m not sure who is pitching.

We’re landing in Atlanta soon, and then carrying on to Tampa. If I can grab some Wifi there I’ll post this and post again later. We’ll be seeing four games in a row at George M. Steinbrenner Field (formerly Legends Field) and I’ll be reporting here at WHY I LIKE BASEBALL on all of them.

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