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April 26, 2009: Monumental Look

At last, some of my photos of the Home Opener at Yankee Stadium from April 16th. They would have been up sooner, but things keep happening like, oh, the Yankees arriving in Boston and playing games that take five hours to finish…

So we started with the line to Monument Park. The very very very long line… We entered the park at just about 10:20am, which means 20 minutes after the gate opened. Already the line was huge.

It went up several levels into the upper decks, and eventually worked its way down to ground level.

Here’s the view from the line, showing how high up we were.

We knew we were getting close, though, when the line snaked down into a hallway that featured these representations of the retired numbers.

At last! The actual Light at the End of the Tunnel! At the bottom of this stairwell is Monument Park!

First glimpse of Monument Park and the field.

And here we are, after one hour and fifteen minutes in line, at Monument Park! corwin’s the one with the beard, in case you were wondering.

Half of the retired numbers.

The other half.

Da Babe. Love ya, Babe.

The view of the whole setup, monuments and all.

Don’t you think the guy on the right really looks like the bronze representation of DiMaggio?

“Catching” a home run ball during batting practice in Monument Park. The monuments (and the people viewing them) are protected from homers by a net over the entire thing.

Next post, more views of the field and other areas of the stadium!

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  1. rich wrote:

    What is the best time to go in the 2010 season to avoid those crazy lines?
    Any strategies, pointers tips would be much appreciated.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 12:47 pm | Permalink
  2. Cecilia Tan wrote:

    rich, I’d say weeknight games are less packed with pilgrims trying to see the museum and monument park. This year gates open 2 hours before first pitch, so go right at 4:50 pm on like a Tuesday night and hopefully you can breeze right in.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 2:07 pm | Permalink

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