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Today’s Game/Baseball in Tweets

  • Weather is beautiful! And I have mango bubble tea, an apple and beef lo mein, all bought inside #Yankee stadium! #
  • The only thing that could ruin this day is Javier Vazquez… #
  • Abreu got in Vazquez's head. Fouled off a few, lined a single. #nyy #
  • Sigh. And vazquez goes 3-0 on torii hunter, then walks him on four pitches. Boo birds are out. But matsui gets big hand. #nyy #
  • Vazquez escaped the first but the #Yankees didn't do anything against Joel Piniero. Vazquez goes 1-2-3 in 2nd but shaky control. #
  • . @YankeesWFAN @BryanHoch Dunno about the worst at bat music, but I miss the days when Jeter used "Whoa" and the bench guys had a kick line. #
  • Third inning #nyy scoreless game. Cmon Vazquez let's get that ball strike ratio better #
  • Oh #angels baseball. Hit and run, batter missed but wood stole second, scores on next pitch, a single up the middle. #nyy #
  • And then an RBI double. Boo birds are on Vazquez hard. Cries of take him out and We Want Aceves. Also "we want Melky." #nyy #
  • Scoreboard department is rocking the classic rock today. ELO, Steely Dan, etc. #nyy #
  • Vazquez getting act together? Two quick outs in 4th and four in a row now. #nyy #
  • But then he walks Izsturis. #nyy #
  • Just met the guy who has the season tickets next to mine. He has partial plan, I have full. He might buy some of mine for nephews. #
  • Now they are playing Cheap Trick. #
  • Vazquez now retired seven of eight with one walk. Buckled down after Abreu RBI double. But here us abreu again… #
  • Crowd strikes up the two strike clap. #nyy #
  • Woo! Abreu smacked a liner but Jeter went up and got it! Game half over. Can the #nyy finally score against piniero now? #
  • Now Elvis Costello. #
  • Cano is en fuego! Two for two today, the Yankees only two hits. #nyy #
  • Jorge hits a swinging bunt. Does not beat throw. #
  • There are lots of empty seats today but people in every section. #
  • Swisher triples! Swishalicious RBI! 2-1 #angels after Gardner grounds out on first pitch. #nyy #
  • Hall and Oates?? You make my dreams come true. Scoreboard dept stuck in the 1970s. #
  • @BloggingBombers or that swisher would triple at all.., #
  • Guy in my section just put pressure on peanut guy in NEXT SECTION OVER. Peanut guy makes the throw! #nyy meanwhile hunter doubles. #
  • Mound visit. #
  • Vazquez gives up another RBI double and is replaced by Aceves. Meanwhile a whole section of fans just sang happy birthday to someone. #nyy #
  • Aceves warmup delayed bc mound needs fixing?? Crew working on it. #nyy #
  • Iszturis slapped a single up the middle, 4-0 #angels Then was caught stealing but ball didn't stay in jeter's glove. Stranded anyway. #nyy #
  • The Doors, Blood in the Streets. #
  • The wind has shifted. Blowing out now. #nyy #
  • A-Rod has the hat trick. Three k's #
  • Pesky #angels just scored again. #nyy #
  • @Ledger_Yankees don't you mean trailing? #
  • And the bases are loaded for Juan Rivera. #
  • The cap game is way too easy now that the scoreboard is so huuuuge. #
  • Piniero at 102 pitches, 65 strikes. #
  • Joba pitching. Gets one out on one pitch. #
  • @Ledger_Yankees He was a hot rookie with Seattle back in the day. #
  • Lubovitchers on the scoreboard! Now we will win. Piniero out of game. Gardner walks. #
  • Jeter infield hit. Two on! #
  • Nick Johnson has battle with Shields, wins. RBI SINGLE! Still two on, and new pitcher coming again. #nyy #
  • Jepsen puts arod on rather than serve up game tying homer. Unintentional. #
  • Damaso marte in. Yanks got two runs back so will have a chance for pie in the bottom of the inning… #nyy #
  • @Ledger_Yankees I hope Rodney serves up first pie of the year. #nyy #
  • Marte gets two quick fly ball outs then strikes out Matsui! Bottom of the ninth coming up!!! #
  • Ah well. Can't win them all. Good game though. #

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