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Today’s Baseball in Tweets

June 27, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: Uncategorized

  • Happy Birthday Derek Jeter. Meanwhile… CC Sabathia is a very large human. 2-1 Yankees going to Mariano time, bottom of 9th. #nyy #yankees #

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Today’s Baseball in Tweets

June 14, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: Uncategorized

  • At yankee stadium. Weather beautiful, team playing well… So where is everyone. Tickets were being scalped below face value & seats empty. #
  • RT @ed_price: #Yankees have five six-game winners at 62-game mark for the first time since 1939. #
  • @Ledger_Yankees what do you know about Huffman? I don't remember him from spring training. #
  • corwin has brought me a shake from Johnny Rockets! This game is going great! (1st pitch not for 20 minutes) We saw the museum, too. #
  • The #Yankees museum has a bunch of new stuff and rearranged exhibits from last year. Very worth visiting every year if they keep updating it #
  • Nice jay z / Alicia keys montage before the game. Audio from their live performance in the postseason we were here for last year. #
  • Jorge posada will catch today! #
  • Is ours the only national anthem that ends with a question? And as Scott Westerfeld pointed out: it has a plot! #
  • Hughes warns up to Metallica. I guess he figures it worked for Mariano… Starts off Bourn with a strike. Damn, infield hit though. #
  • @alysonfooter@ed_price any idea why Berkman sitting today? #
  • . @Ledger_Yankees: #rollcallnyy a.) Boston, but I'm at the game b.) I would catch Posada any day of the week, man! He hot! Ears sexy! #
  • Tex was hit by pitch according to my mom, who is watching the game at home and texting me on her new Blackberry. Ump didn't see it, though. #
  • Cotton candy man just came by shouting "Who wants a root canal?" #worstsalespitchesever #
  • Astros scratched a run in the first on infield hit, walk, stolen base,sac fly. Now after 2.5 innings, Hughes and Moehler kept all Quiet. #
  • Callup Chad Huffman at the plate for the #Yankees We know nothing about him other than he is 24. 6'1" 217lbs. #
  • Huffman legs out an infield single and gets huge ovation! Mick Kelleher collects ball to give him as a souvenir of his 1st big league hit. #
  • @Ledger_Yankees crowd gave him a nice hand, too. Are his parents here? #
  • RT @Ledger_Yankees: Huffman has a bunch of family here today. Cool moment for all of them. #
  • Cano hits his 100th homer! Are the Yankees finally getting to Moehler? Now two outs, back to back walks. #
  • Three walks in a row! Bases loaded for Ramiro pena. Meeting on mound. Stadium at max volume!! #
  • Peña with a two run single! Then rookie huffman got caught on the basepaths but still, 3-1 #Yankees now! #
  • Lights just came on. Are the wheels coming off? One out, Hughes walked #9 batter then Tex error let another man on. #
  • Hughes bears down and gets out of it! Ground ball and then gets hunter pence looking at strike three! Game half over. 3-1 yanks. #
  • Rain is on the way. Just checked radar and thunderstorms are moving east toward us. But it is an official game now. And my battery is low! #
  • Jorge Posada just hit his second grand slam in two days. There is rejoicing. This stadium is loud! Demanded a curtain call. Got one. #
  • Now 7-1 Yankees after ten men batted in the bottom of the inning. And it's starting to rain. #
  • Steady rain falling all inning. Hughes 111 pitches trying to get them out but labored. Astros back in it! score 4 runs w 2 outs! Marte in. #
  • The rain never stopped but neither did the Yankees. Final score 9-5 yanks! #

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Today’s Baseball in Tweets

June 13, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: Uncategorized

  • @alysonfooter Looking forward to following your tweets this weekend during the #yankees series! -Cecilia Tan from Yankees Annual #
  • I will be livetweeting from the #Yankees game today. In the car on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx right now! About to look for parking. #
  • At #Yankees stadium. Didn't manage to quite see the parachute group. Man, they are young! I always think that when I see soldiers. #
  • @Ledger_Yankees you are cold!!! But true. #
  • Cmon Vazquez. Don't suck. #nyy #Yankees #
  • @Zellyanks that scene in spiderman made me cry. Ever since 9/11 I get flashbacks whenever I see new york in peril in movies. #
  • Vazquez strikes out Berkman! Scoreboard reads JAVY NICE DAY #nyy #Yankees #
  • RT @Ledger_Yankees: #rollcallnyy a.) City/State b.) Coolest car you've ever owned. c.) Has Javy been forgiven? #
  • #rollcallnyy @Ledger_Yankees a)Boston,MA b)1983 chevy camaro c)I'll forgive him if he wins today bc I am at the Stadium #
  • Jeter hits a solo shot to leadoff the game. Yay!!! Hunter Pence hits one to leadoff the second. Booooo. #nyy #Yankees #
  • RT @Ledger_Yankees: Scouting report on Wandy Rodriguez: Hella curveballs. #
  • RT @Ledger_Yankees: 24th career leadoff HR for Jeter ties the great Rickey Henderson for most in franchise history. Pretty cool. #
  • Rodriguez throws a lot of 74 mph curves. Dials the fastball up to 85. Thames walked Cervelli singled, but granderson got caught looking. #
  • After popping out on 1st pitch he saw before, Tex changes at bat music to Pearl Jam from I Want to Rock. He walks. Two on no out! #
  • By the way, jeter manufactured a run. Walked, stole, advanced on throwing error. Then swish cashed him in. #
  • That's #Yankees baseball. Swisher hit, Tex walked, cano infield hit, then POSADA GRAND SLAM. #nyy #
  • RT @KenDavidoff: Prior to Posada's slam, SS Manzella tried to deke Jeter with a fake throw. Isn't that like trying to out-sing Sinatra? #
  • RT @Ledger_Yankees: In clubhouse, Jorge said he'd been having a tough time adjusting to the DH thing. Didn't now what to do between innings. #
  • Carlos Lee hit a home run in the top 6. Jeter said, so what? And hit a three run shot in the bottom of the inning. Now 9-3 #Yankees #
  • One thing I really like about the new Yankee stadium, you can still see the train go by in the gap in right field. #
  • The cap game is way too easy with the ginormous videoboard. #
  • Posada hit by pitch. Meanwhile a beautiful yellow and black butterfly is flitting around our section. Everyone watching it. #
  • Can you tell the suspense is gone from this game? Everyone just enjoying a summer day out, now. #
  • Gaudin gets the strikeout and the yankees win! #
  • It's like the astros aren't even in our league … Oh wait. :-) #Yankees #
  • I've still got two tickets to tomorrow's #Yankees vs #Astros game. Make me an offer! Face value $25. Text 617-290-9043 #

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Today’s Baseball in Tweets

June 12, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: Uncategorized

  • I will be at Yankee Stadium this Saturday and Sunday. I still have two tix for Sunday. Anyone want go? $60 for the pair. txt me 6172909043 #
  • @grazdanny They're totally doing it on purpose! And I thought I was the only one who wrote X-rated stuff as well as baseball… Jeez. #

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Extra Innings in Toronto

June 06, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: Yankee Fan Memories

  • RT @Ledger_Yankees: CC using Cano's bat in BP. Wants to use bats with hits in them. #
  • Jays catcher John Buck just took a bounced pitch right in the nuts. Broadcasters looked at replay and were silent a long moment… #
  • Then finally Bob Lorenz said, "Well, the video speaks for itself." Flaherty: "Glad I'm up in the booth instead of catching right now." #
  • (more…)

Jim Joyce reactions

June 03, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: Baseball Musings

  • RT @ed_price: When will Major League Baseball hold umpires accountable? Why can't they be demoted or fired like players, managers or GMs? #
  • RT @BloggingBombers: Wow. The entire press box at Yankee Stadium is howling about the worst call ever made. #
  • (more…)

Vazquez finally wins!

June 02, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: Uncategorized

  • Javy Vazquez inherited the #Yankees curse of low run support from Mike Mussina. #nyy #
  • Orioles elect to pitch to A-Rod in a 1-1 tie with 2 out and men on 2nd & 3rd. Because if they walk him, Cano is next, hottest hitter in AL. #
  • A-Rod is only 1 for 8 off the pitcher they have brought in, but it doesn't matter. He grounds the ball to third, but Tejada munged throw! #
  • 2 runs score on the Tejada error and poor Brian Matusz is burned again. But Javy Vazquez is now in line for the win. IF NY bullpen can do it #
  • And the Yankees finally win on a night Vazquez pitches well! Great pitching and one big Orioles error made the difference. #

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Yankees at Mets, livetweeted

May 24, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: Uncategorized

  • Yankees at Mets. Beautiful sky over NY. I'm at a bar in Boston drinking beer, Newport Storm rhode island blueberry. Jeter stranded in 1st. #
  • Jeter trouble getting to a grounder and popup, but CC escapes trouble with nice K of Wright and a soft liner to Cano. #nyy #
  • When Santana bats it looks like he's thinking: I don't mind batting so much, I just hate facing the pitcher! #nyy #
  • CC had Cora down 0-2 then gave him too hittable a pitch, in but in the wheelhouse. Then same thing to Bay, low but right in the middle. #nyy #
  • CC hits! Then Jeter! He is now 8 for 11 off Santana as a Met. CC is particularly elephantine in road grays running the bases. #nyy #
  • (more…)

Today’s Baseball in Tweets

May 21, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: Uncategorized

  • *cries* Jorge Posada out for a month with broken foot. meanwhile, Nick Johnson having wrist surgery, Swisher out, Granderson out, who next?? #
  • RT @OzzieGuillen: I'm going to have lunch. I hope they don't poison me ha #

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24 Hour Game Diary Pt 8

May 12, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: On Playing the Game, Women In Baseball, Women's Baseball Marathon

Monday, October 20, 2003
12:48 pm
Arizona time (Pacific)

Well, my flight leaves in about an hour, and here I am sitting in the Tucson airport with sore legs, but happy.

The Red-Eyed Nites mounted a comeback in the morning hours, cutting the lead of the African Gray Birds, which had been around 40 runs at one point, to 20 runs. In the final inning, which was the 65th, I think, we put up four more, but the final score was 127-111 Grays.

Ultimately the difference between the two teams was pitching. Their pitching turned out to be slightly better (and slightly younger) over the course of the game. Both teams had to rely on some non-pitchers to take the mound to fill up innings, and theirs turned out to be sharper overall.

But really, no one was too concerned about the final score. Yes, our competitive spirit was stoked at times, but generally speaking no one was upset by the “loss.” For most of us, just playing in the game made us winners in the first place. (more…)

24 Hour Game Diary Pt 7

May 11, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: On Playing the Game, Women In Baseball, Women's Baseball Marathon

Sunday, October 19, 2003
4:20 am
Arizona time (Pacific)

Since I last wrote I’ve had the best catch of my life. I don’t mean a caught ball in the outfield, I mean best game of catch. Chiba, one of the Japanese players, and I went down to the batting tunnel after we woke up from a brief one hour nap.

I’ll get back to that story later. I’m going to take over announcing for a bit now… I’m in the press box where there are plugs and desks for laptops typing this. Rob is fading and needs relief so I am going to take over announcing duties from him.

Okay, I’m back. I just spent the past hour being the play by play announcer for the Apple webcast. They are webcasting live video to the Apple site. They have three cameras set up here, and it looks really good. I spoke with corwin earlier and he said he was able to watch my first at bat.

Speaking of at bats, here’s what happened in my third and final shift. (more…)

24 Hour Game Diary Pt 6

May 10, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: On Playing the Game, Women In Baseball, Women's Baseball Marathon

Saturday, October 18, 2003
11:08 pm
Arizona time (Pacific)

I have just had my first major league shower.

And damn it felt good. It is patently clear that this is the locker room of the team with the tallest player in the majors, because the showerheads are set so high it’s hard to reach them when you’re 5’4″ like me.

We just had a phone call from Dontrelle Willis, who pitched two-something scoreless innings tonight in Yankee Stadium. (The Marlins won 3-2–the turning point being when Pudge picked Nick Johnson off third. Ouch.) Dontrelle, just last year, was in the minors in Kane County, Illinois, and the host family he stayed with have a daughter named Stacey who plays baseball. She is one of the pitchers on my squad in this game, and she’s great–so outgoing and friendly to everyone. Kind of like Dontrelle, I guess! He has stayed close with the family and there was a piece in USA Today about them last week when Dontrelle was pitching in Chicago in the NLCS. Anyway, through Stace we got Dontrelle on the phone and put him over the PA system and onto the game broadcast. Dontrelle’s message to all of us playing: “Enjoy it!”

I finally got a hit, and scored a run. (more…)

24 Hour Game Diary Pt 5

May 09, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: On Playing the Game, Women In Baseball, Women's Baseball Marathon

Saturday, October 18, 2003
8:30 am
Arizona time (Pacific)

Ow. Ow. Ow. Well, if I thought I might be less tired and less sore today… I was wrong. If I felt yesterday like I had been hit by a car, today I feel like I was run over by a monster truck. Repeatedly. My feet are very sore, worse than they get for a trade show. My head hurts, and my stomach is a bit queasy. My roomie from Colorado thinks that might be a touch of altitude sickness. I don’t have many individual muscles sore so much as I feel just like my entire body is gassed. It’s very odd, because I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way before. I feel sort of like I spent the day moving thousands of fifty pound rocks–except that I didn’t.

Oh well, time to try some more hot water and ibuprofen. Or maybe I should switch to Tylenol.

I’m going to hobble downstairs and grab some breakfast. Then it will be time to pack up and head to the field. (more…)

24 Hour Game Diary Pt 4

May 08, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: On Playing the Game, Women In Baseball, Women's Baseball Marathon

Friday, October 17, 2003
3:18 pm
Arizona time (Pacific)

Oh my god I’m sore. My legs, my back, my butt, my feet. I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been in a car wreck. (Actually, I didn’t feel anywhere near this bad after my motorcycle accident!) Given how much ibuprofen i am taking to keep the arm swelling down, it’s scary to think how achy I would be if I weren’t.

And we didn’t even work out that hard yesterday! I think the combination of the altitude (3000 feet?), dehydration, and the lack of sleep have combined to give me lactic acid buildup in every muscle fiber I have.

The result of the soreness was that today I was pretty much a mess in clinic. I couldn’t get down on ground balls, couldn’t swing, and could barely throw. Throwing actually was not too bad in the catch portion of things. Jen Rado, who also plays for the Slaterettes, was my partner, just like yesterday, and we were both pretty accurate. But when we were taking grounders at second, I could not get the ball to the catcher on the fly.

And what is up with my swing? Yesterday I hit so well. Today I couldn’t even get the ball off the tee straight, and in the cage I was hitting these Baltimore chops, and even swinging and missing. I hope the soreness is less tomorrow or it’s going to be brutal at the plate. Hopefully I get a nice hot soak tonight and work out some of this.


So I never finished writing about yesterday’s clinic. John Denny, Cy Young Award Winner, came and addresses the group, and his son is one of our instructors, too. He talked about pitching, and also took questions. In answer to being asked who the most interesting player he played with was, Denny told the following story about Mike Schmidt. I’m paraphrasing here:

“Back when I played in Philadelphia there was this one guy, you know how there is always this one leather-lunged guy in the stands? We were always trying to pick him out, he must have been forty rows up behind third base but no matter where he sat you could always hear him. He would rag on anybody but he especially liked to get on Schmitty. Well one day, I’m on the mound, and I’m getting ready to pitch (Denny takes his stance) and suddenly the umpire calls Time! Time! The catcher hasn’t moved, the batter hasn’t moved, and I’m wondering what’s up? I look over to the first base side and nothing’s going on. I look over to the third base side, and there’s Schmitty, walking toward me. (Imitates a slow shuffle.) He eventually reaches the mound, picks up the rosin bag, dabs some on his arms and on his hands, puts it down. Looks at me. I ask him, what’s up? He kind of shakes his head, looks at his shoes, and then he says, ‘That guys been riding me all day. I just wanted to get away from it for a while.’”


Several former players from the AAGPBL (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, the women’s league from the World War II era that the movie A League of Their Own was based on) are here to help coach. They even participated in some drills with us and shagged flies during BP.

Overheard during a barehand drill from one of these fine ladies: “Wow, this is hard with bifocals!”


For those of you who are not familiar with girl talk, it mixes uniquely with locker room talk in women’s baseball. Especially when you mix female baseball players with good-looking minor league players as coaches. While we were waiting for the shuttle bus back to the hotel yesterday several women were sitting on the curb comparing notes. All the coaches were well-liked and each taught us a ton. But as we were chatting we realized that we had each remembered the names of all the “hot” guys, but not all of the other guys. Are we really that shallow? Yup, can’t help it. The cuter a guy is, the easier it is to remember his name–just a fact of life. We then got considerably off the topic of hitting tips…

Overheard today during throwing drills. One woman was paired up with one of the aforementioned hot guys. At one point she threw the ball over his head and he went to chase it. The woman in line next to her: “You just did that to get a look at his ass, didn’t you.” (This was followed by more wild throws.)


Today we had a tour of the facilities at Tucson Electric Park, including the press box, underground batting cages, and the Diamondbacks clubhouse–which is now our clubhouse. Unfortunately the couches and the ping pong table have been packed into storage for the off-season, but it’s still pretty cushy. The card table with the dominoes set is still there.


Tonight we meet the founder of US Doctors for Africa, Ted Alemahyu, and we may also find out our teams and squad shifts for the game. Last night Rob unveiled the nice uniform shirts they made for us, and tonight they will be passing them out. Are we excited about this? Yes.


After the meeting: well, the batting order is not yet done. As Rob put it, “It’s taking me a while. I’m putting together the most complicated batting order ever compiled. And I challenge anyone to refute that statement.” We did have a speech from Ted Alemahyu and the medical director of US Doctors for Africa, a Dr. Fleming. Or as he put it, “Leave off the doctor just call me Fleming it’s shorter.” We’re sleepy now and going to turn in. I soaked my legs in hot water and hopefully I’ll feel less sore soon… more tomorrow.

24 Hour Game Diary Pt 3

May 07, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: On Playing the Game, Women In Baseball, Women's Baseball Marathon

Friday, October 17, 2003
4:22 am
Arizona time (Pacific)

Can’t sleep. I’m so tired, my muscles are burning, but some part of me is so keyed up I can’t get back to sleep even though I’m exhausted.

Yesterday (today?) was probably one of the best baseball days of my life. It would have been anyway, even if the Yankees had not pulled off an unbelievable, improbable 11th inning win on a walk off homer from Aaron Boone. That was just the cherry on the sundae as far as I’m concerned.

Pro camp was amazing and great. Kevan Burns and his wife? partner? Clarissa Marquez run this baseball instruction business called Live The Dream. For us they pulled in a dozen ballplayers and coaches, from guys who have been in the minor leagues for a couple of years to some current college coaches who have already been through their pro time. Some even had a cup of coffee in the majors. They’re all incredibly nice and, damn, but there is so much to know about this game, even five minutes spent with any of them would already expand anyone’s knowledge of the sport. We got to spend all day with them.

I think I’m feeling the altitude as well as the heat and dryness, because yesterday I felt out of breath pretty much no matter what we did. I’m out of shape, but not THAT out of shape.

We did all kinds of things that are like what major leaguers go through in spring training. (more…)

24 Hour Game Diary Pt 2

May 06, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: On Playing the Game, Women In Baseball, Women's Baseball Marathon

October 16, 2003
9:10 am
Arizona time (Pacific)

Just got back from breakfast with my roomie, Theresa MacGregor. We’re here at the Amerisuites by the Tucson airport, along with a couple dozen other women baseball players. If you’re just tuning in, we’re here as part of a fundraiser/awareness-raiser called “24 Hours for Africa.” It’s like the AIDS Ride or the Breast Cancer marathon–each participant has to raise a certain amount of money in order to participate. In this case our “marathon” is a 24 hour baseball game played by women players from all around the USA, plus we have some players from Japan and Australia.

The whole thing was the brainchild of Rob Novotny, the vice president of American Women’s Baseball. Rob has been touring the country for the past six months, recruiting players, drumming up sponsorship, arranging details, so that the event will happen. He’s been living off his credit cards all this time, but he believes in the cause, which is to save lives in Africa. US Doctors for Africa is on a mission to provide adequate drugs therapy and training for medical personnal so that mothers with HIV can go through childbirth without passing the virus on to their infant.

Steven Seagal is our honorary spokesperson. The whole thing is being broadcast live from the Apple Computer web site (http://ali.apple.com/24hours/). The game records are going to be archived in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. It’s a pretty big deal.

But the action doesn’t start for a couple of days. First we have two days of pro baseball camp, hosted by Live The Dream. I arrived last night just in time to see the Cubs go down in flames on hotel TV. Ah, heavy sigh. Wait til next year. (more…)

24 Hour Game Diary 1

May 05, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: On Playing the Game, Women In Baseball, Women's Baseball Marathon

Originally posted on October 15, 2003.

October 15, 2003
5:20 pm
(not sure what time zone)

I am flying on a plane as I write this, on my way to Tucson for the “24 Hours for Africa” women’s baseball marathon. I shouldn’t even be typing this because my elbow hurts, typing aggravates it, and I should be saving my arm for the game. But dammit I’m bored and the pilot just announced that the Yankees have lost Game 6 of the ALCS to Boston by a score of 9-6.


Today’s Game/Baseball in Tweets

May 05, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: Uncategorized

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Women’s Baseball Player Diary Part 6

May 04, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: On Playing the Game, Women In Baseball, Women's Baseball Marathon

Originally appeared on October 14, 2003.

Okay folks, get ready for a really personal one this time.

This entry isn’t about how the Yankees have executed three strike-em-out-throw-em-out double plays, or how they had four men reach base by base on balls and scored none, whereas they gave up only one walk and that was the winning run. This isn’t about ninth inning heroics being too little too late. This isn’t about Soriano swinging at everything off the plate, or about Jason Giambi and Aaron Boone both taking Wakefield deep–but foul.

Or maybe it is. I’ve just come home from the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse, a nice upscale sports bar in Brookline, Mass., where I witnessed the Yankees lose 3-2 to the Red Sox.

I have the urge to break things right now. I have the urge to take some large instrument of destruction like an axe (or a baseball bat?) and smash something into tiny pieces and then lie in a heap sobbing. There are three reasons for this feeling.

1) The aforementioned frustrating Yankees loss.

2) I didn’t take batting practice today, as I have just about every day for the past week.

3) I went to therapy with my boyfriend this morning and I’ve got a lot of frustration to let out there, too.

The Yankees losing normally wouldn’t cause such a mood swing in me. But it is October, and everything seems to mean more at this time of year, not just because of baseball but because of the echoes of September 11th. I’ve written before that for me baseball is my natural Prozac. Even a loss often injects some kind of lift into me. But not this one, not tonight.

The reason I have been taking batting practice all week is that I am getting ready to play in the Women’s Baseball Marathon, a.k.a. 24 Hours For Africa, a twenty four hour long baseball game being arranged by American Women’s Baseball as a charity event for US Doctors for Africa. It’s this weekend at the Chicago White Sox spring training complex in Tucson, Arizona. I’m going there along with 60+ women from around the USA, including some of the top players in the country. (more…)

Women’s Baseball Player Diary Part 5

May 03, 2010 By: Cecilia Tan Category: On Playing the Game, Women In Baseball, Women's Baseball Marathon

Originally posted on August 16, 2003.

July 26 2003

I had to miss Wednesday’s game because of the writing class I’m teaching, but I heard we won. That made the team’s record 6-2 (with two rainouts and one game cancelled for lack of umpires) before today’s game. The only two losses were both to the same team: Carter & Carter. We played them today.

We beat them by so much that they abdicated after four innings. (more…)

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