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Another Day at the Ballpark

  • Back at the ballpark. It's ever so slightly cooler than yesterday… Not by much. We got here early today trying to avoid the Dominican Day #
  • Parade, which is on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx. Good side effect, great parking and we were early enough to get free umbrellas! #
  • Unlike yesterday when I was too old to get the lunch box, today the guy asked if I was over 21. Hah. We came in Gate 8 and discovered the #
  • designated driver signup stand is over there. They don't give you a free soft drink any more, but the raffle entry looks much less sketchy. #
  • Bought a taro bubble tea–it's purple! And then fresh ripe plums at the fruit stand. Food options are vastly different nowadays. #
  • On the other hand, corwin is now eating a foot long beef dog with saurkraut, mustard, and ketchup. #
  • We visited Dylan's Candy Stand by Gate 2 and found NYY Mickey Mouse there. I assume he was the All Star Game statue from this year. #
  • Now a pregame tribute to today's Hall of Fame inductees up in Cooperstown, and the announcement today's ticket stub admits us free in 2010! #
  • Game started much like yesterday, with a Podsednik single. But Hughes got the next three. Now Jeter, Swisher, Tex. Arod DHing today. #
  • Did Jeter pick his at bat music or did the scoreboard crew pick it for him? The lyrics are kind of pointed. #
  • "I go on and on. Don't know how I last so long. I must have superpowers. I last for 25,000 hours." Jeter is 36 and I think last year of kt. #
  • Sean O'Sullivan sets Yanks down in order in the 1st. If he wins he will have beat them twice in one week in two different uniforms. #
  • O'Sullivan was traded from the Angels to the Royals the day after beating the Yankees. Let's hope they've figured him out a little by now. #
  • Hughes escapes a leadoff single with a double play. And now it is time for the Alex Rodriguez show. #
  • Arod grounds to short on the first pitch. The stadium goes back to sleep. #
  • Yanks hitless after 2. Hughes then hit with a comebacker, prompting trainer confab, but seems ok. One out, Getz steals second. #
  • Damn. Then Podsednik homered into the left field corner. Looked to us like it hit the wall but I guess it hit the pole. Bad break for Hughes #
  • There goes the no hitter. :-) Granderson gets a 3-0 count, takes a pitch, then puts one deep in the right field seats. 2-1 Royals. #
  • The Yankees take the lead 4-2! Pena singled, Jeter tripled, Tex hit a foul roller that came back fair, A-Rod doubled. Now Hughes again. #
  • Royals get one back on a Rick Ankiel solo shot, but Hughes keeps them in check otherwise. 4-3 Yanks. #
  • Granderson does it again! Into the second deck! 5-3 #Yankees #
  • In other news, the lights have come on and the breeze has died. It's muggy and the clouds are thickening up. Gardner almost beats a grounder #
  • @jay_jaffe they sell Turkey Hill frozen lemon and cherry ice. Had one yesterday and loved it. Haven't seen the vendor come by today yet. #
  • @jay_jaffe by the way, I'm in section 421. Hi! #
  • If it rains, at least now it is an official game, as the yanks are leading after 4.5 innings. #
  • @jay_jaffe If it starts to rain, come on up to section 421, row 9, we are in seats 5-6, under the roof. Row 10 is empty behind us! #
  • Flash bulbs a poppin. Arod must be at the plate. Sky is dark so we can really see them. Kids with signs holding them up. Everyone waiting. #
  • Ouch. He fouled it off himself. Trainer Steve Donahue out. #
  • No pitcher wants to be the guy. #
  • Long at bat, full count, but in the end Arod grounded to short to end the inning. Sky continues to darken. I'm afraid to look at the radar. #
  • As predicted, rain delay. Huge bolt of lightning just sent everyone scurrying. #
  • Delay now around an hour long. Scoreboard showed us Nick Swisher learning to be a hibachi chef, and now I'm hungry. Radar looks ugly still. #
  • We are probably looking at another hour of delay, at least. #
  • One hour and forty on the delay. Rain still coming down… They just announced that in a few minutes they will make an announcement. Huh? #
  • They showed a documentary on Yankees Fantasy Camp, and now Ron Blomberg touring the Hall of Fame. Coming up on two hour delay. #
  • 5:05 pm and the ground crew emerges to cheers! Meanwhile a documentary on Mo plays which is actually interesting. #
  • They just announced the game will resume! In about 20 minutes. Grounds crew quite busy now. And I bet A-Rod is taking swings with K-Long. #
  • 5:29 pm, Yankees take the field again! Boone Logan takes over on the mound with one out on the top of the sixth, facing Jose Guillen. #
  • Yankees get another run in bottom 6 on a cano single, Gardner double. Logan set down all 5 Royals faced. Now jeter up, A-Rod 4th possibly. #
  • Jeter is three for four today with the base hit he just got. #
  • Yanks get ANOTHER to make it 7-3. But A-Rod, although he gets the RBI, didn't homer. Now Joba in to pitch the eighth. #
  • Also, the sun came back out, but the temp has dropped to a lovely 75 degrees. Joba walked the leadoff man. Sigh. #
  • Joba serves up Podsednik's second two run homer of the day. Gets booed. Loudly. #
  • We didn't think we'd see A-Rod again. But Yanks have a big rally in the 8th. 2 runs in and bases loaded when comes up one more time. #
  • Pitcher Blake Wood came up and in, count went to… 2-2 I think? And then he hit Arod in the head, possibly the face. Alex out of game. #
  • Crazy game. Royals awarded a run when Posada couldn't find a wild pitch that ended up under his mask! Catchers interference. Two out though. #
  • In other news, chan ho park is not inspiring confidence. Two walks in inning. We want to go home. Dragging on. #
  • More craziness, the Boston at Seattle game is in the eighth. It might ends first at this rate. #
  • Full count on Podsednik. This is ridiculous. #
  • Finally! A fly ball to Gardner to end this wild day at the ballpark. I bet there won't be much traffic in the garage! #
  • corwin's reports that in the men's room everyone at the urinals was singing along with Sinatra. Die hards. #
  • Another observation from this weekend. Several "How may I help you?" employees appear to be wheelchair bound. Hal Steinbrenner serious about #
  • putting his money where his mouth is, not just lip service to diversity and support for all fans. Though I wish the captioning were better! #

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