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SABR 40: day one, post three

In this post: Resting the Pitcher: How Useful are Pitch Counts and Days of Rest? Sean Forman and JC Bradbury Where have You Gone, Tony Lazzeri? Lawrence Baldasarro Pitchers As Fielders: A Quantitative Analysis or… Why Kirk Rueter is the best-fielding pitchers of all time John Knox 21 Facts You Didn’t Know About 1921 Steve […]

SABR 40: day one, post two

Liveblogging SABR 40! Just wrapped up two more research presentations: Sanctioned Post-Season Series by Marty Pankin and Mike Canton Using Marcel the Monkey to Help Understand Different Eras in Baseball by Andy Andres These are kind of raw reports, and I apologize for any typos. I’m typing as fast as I can most of the […]

SABR 40: day one, post one

I’ve had no sleep so I could be on a crack of dawn flight to Atlanta, but here I am! Liveblogging what I can from the 40th annual convention of the Society for American Baseball Research. There’s wireless in the conference area! So I’ll try to post more than once a day. First up: A […]

SABR Day Trivia: Questions!

It’s officially SABR day in America (America includes Canada, too, as there are chapters/meetings in Toronto and Montreal, plus Puerto Rico has a chapter and meeting today, and presumably Mexico would be included if there were a chapter there…). Many SABR chapters are having Hot Stove meetings today and other shindigs to celebrate. (Schedule). I’m […]

SABR Day Trivia: Answers!

Under the link, the answers to the SABR DAY trivia quiz! So don’t click until you’ve looked at the questions!

DVD Review: World Series 1945, 1946, 1947

Tonight corwin and I continued our time warp through history, watching the next three World Series films in order with 1945, 1946, and 1947. In my mind these three series’ were The Goat Curse Series, Slaughter’s Dash, and Jackie’s First. As the 1945 film begins there is no sound, presumably because the soundtrack was lost […]

DVD Review: the 1943 and 1944 World Series Films

Roll the Newsreels! I began watching the DVD collection from MLB, The Official World Series Film Collection, last night. My friends pooled their money together to purchase it for me as a Christmas gift and I’m finally getting the chance to watch it. As determined by WILBB reader suggestions, I started at the beginning. The […]

February 8 2001 : Book Review Round Up of OffSeason Reading

Between all the books I got on baseball for Christmas, and the many books I collected throughout the season in anticipation of a long, cold winter, I had quite a reading list waiting for me when the season ended. Unfortunately for me, despite the size of the stockpile, I’m out of books to read and […]

December 16 2000 : Think Back To March 30

This is the first of a series of “think backs” I plan to do, to assuage the withdrawal pangs of the offseason for myself and the many fanatics out there. I share your pain. March 30th, 2000 found the Yankees at Enron Field in Houston, set to play the inaugural exhibition game at the new […]