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Tales from Spring Training both as a fan and as a pro. Autograph hounding, sunburn, parking in people’s lawns, meeting ‘old timers,’ seeing young prospects, tales from the clubhouses and press boxes of Florida’s Grapefruit League and Tampa’s Legends Field.

First outing of the spring!

Well, that was fun. I just took in my first baseball game of the spring. I’m not exaggerating when I say it has been a tough winter. It has been, in fact, the worst winter in the history of weather records in the city of Boston. We had both the most snow and the coldest […]

Second exhibition game at Marlins Park

I have now visited my 21st major league stadium, Marlins Park in Miami. For the second game in a row, we made our way to the park, this time by public transit. We’d spent the afternoon on Miami Beach for some very pleasant walking around looking at nice buildings and eye-popping cars and motorcycles and […]

Exploring the new Marlins Park! April 1 2012 with the Yankees

The Miami Marlins know how to throw a party. As any good party-thrower knows, one of the keys is to invite lively guests. The Marlins picked a good one with the New York Yankees, who brought legions of fans to the dress-rehearsal exhibition game at Marlins Park on April 1, 2012. Some were expatriate New […]

Night Game at “The Boss”

As we walked up to George M. Steinbrenner Field tonight, corwin remarked that it looked very Disney-ish. GMS Field is surrounded by lovely landscaping, fountains with man-made ponds inhabited by turtles and geese, palm trees with lights climbing their trunks, but with the bright lights bouncing off the clouds, the humid evening air blowing in […]

Spring! My first day in the sun after a long winter

As I get older, perhaps I am starting to see the appeal of Florida. This winter in New England was long, hard, bitter, and snow-filled. When I pulled my suitcase down the steps of my Victorian-era house in Cambridge, the solid ice berms on either side of the sidewalk were still two feet high. My […]

Another game in tweets: Pirates at Yankees

Cano not in lineup today. He did extra hitting work with Kevin Long on back field. Hitting power to right field–a Yankee Stadium swing? Cloudy and muggy here in Tampa today. Dad getting a sandwich for us to share. We have a half hour still until baseball. Mom teaching aqua. Starting pitchers today. Sabathia for […]

Spring 2010: Phils at Yanks

Today’s game was one long round of “who is that player?” This is a typical spring activity, but one would think that with modern information technology things would get easier. One would be wrong. I started out this morning trying to print out the rosters from which was all well and good, but what […]

Another year Spring Training! Jays at Yankees

I think I burned my ear. Hello and welcome to another Spring Training! I’m in Tampa all week, and with any luck I’ll also be stopping by Lakeland. I’m not working on any high-powered books or articles at the moment (the YANKEES ANNUAL just came out so that is all done!) so this week I […]

Spring training live in-game posts below:

Mariano threw only two balls in his outing. Struck out two looking, and had one comebacker to the mound. Corwin points out that maybe one reason Mo’s arm never breaks down is he doesn’t throw any breaking pitches at all. Hm.

Feels really good to see Jorge greet Mariano on the mound.


Igawa got out of the fifth without giving up a run but he didn’t look good. How much of that is our expectation, I don’t know but he threw a lot of balls. Second inning of work Igawa’s bacon was saved by an amazing but ugly grab to start a DP by Edwardo Nunez. Nunez […]


Today’s game is moving a lot slower than the previous two. Both pitchers have struggled with control. Apparently today I am struggling with typing. Must be the after effects of last night’s pilgrimage to Bern’s Steakhouse. Lots and lots of Phillies fans here today. Joba is still missing some of the time but he is […]

Monday Live from Steinbrenner Field

Well, the USA staved off elimination in the WBC so we still have no Jeter. The thing I miss most is watching him play long toss before every game. Looking forward to Joba today! Although he just walked the first batter on 4 pitches, then struck out the next on 3… (cue ominous music). 1:26 […]

Huge hand for Jorge. He has been DHing so it is not like he hasn’t played but still. Wow, Jorge beat out an infield hit! And because they were holding that speed demon on, Damon’s grounder became a hit instead of a double play. And then he tagged and took third on a foul pop! […]

Sunday at George M Steinbrenner field

[Blogging Live via the Steinbrenner Field Wifi] The weather is perfect again today. 81 degrees, breezy, and we were just treated to a special forces parachute drop. With any luck, we’re about to be treated to Jorge behind the plate and Pettitte on the mound. [I’ve now consolidated all the live blog posts into a […]

Injury visit

Hideki Matsui just hit a comebacker that knocked pitcher Alberto Arias from the game. The Yankees couldn’t do anything with him as it was, as he struck out the side in the third. Burnett has continued to impress. Four inings so far and not a single baserunner. The ‘stros are looking weak and foolish against […]

Blogging live from “the Boss”

So, today is my first spring training game. Renaming Legends field to Steinbrenner Field, the Yankees also made some renovations. There are new ribbon boards for video. And there is Wifi! So I am sitting behind home plate and typing this on my iPhone. Burnett looked really good in the first, punctuating his inning with […]

Winter Is Officially Over

Winter is officially over, because I’m on the plane to Tampa as I type this. My words look calm, but the excitement is bubbling as I look around me and all of a sudden everything seems to be about baseball. We arrived at Logan Airport with enough time to grab a meal before boarding, and […]

Waiting For Spring Training…

(Originally posted on February 20, 2000. Reposted to new site on December 19, 2008.)

I’ve said before how I “can’t wait” for the season to start. (Or even for Spring training to start!)

Going to see games at Spring Training is something that, when I was a kid, I never thought I would get to do. We would see little news bits about it on tv, and for some reason I had it in my head that only a few really special people ever went to Spring Training. Now I realize it’s the special few who either live in Florida, or who can surf the Internet for tickets months in advance, take time off to fly down there, and, as the Nike commercial says, “Just Do It.” There are serious advantages to being an adult and not a kid anymore…

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March 17, 2008: Another winner!

The Yankees beat the Red Sox today. Yeah, sure, you can say it was only spring training and that the games don’t count and that if it were a real game, for example, Andy Pettitte probably would have pitched more than 3 1/3 innings. But it was the Red Sox, which always adds excitement, and it was St. Patrick’s Day, meaning that the crowd looked rather like it had sprouted moss overnight…