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Category Archives: Book Reviews

Reviews of baseball books and sometimes other baseball-themed gifts and publications.

November 14 2000 : Book Review of Women At Play, by Barbara Gregorich

Did you know that since the beginning of any kind of organized baseball in America, there has been organized women’s baseball? That is, until the 1952, when minor league teams were outright banned from drafting female players–a ban that has never been rescinded. In 1974 girls were allowed into Little League, but since the fifties, […]

April 27 2000: Book Review – Slouching Towards Fargo

So, the other night, while sitting in the stands in the freezing cold wind of Yankee Stadium’s upper deck, my brother gave me my birthday present, lovingly wrapped in a page of the sports section of the local paper with Ken Griffey, Jr. photo large on it. (I couldn’t help but say, as I ripped […]

April 26 2000: Book Review – Ball Four

What do you mean you haven’t read Ball Four, the original baseball “tell-all” book by Jim Bouton? Okay, okay, I hadn’t read it either, until recently. I was a kid when it came out, young enough that I still had to be held by the hand by my Dad as we walked through Yankee Stadium. […]