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April 6, 2009: Baby Photos

Welcome back baseball! Here at Why I LIke Baseball, this week will feature new content every day in our special welcome back baseball week! Herewith, post #2 of the celebration!

I promised photos of the New Yankee Stadium, and so I’ve uploaded them to my Flickr account. Here are some of the highlights:

Click on any of the small images to see the full size image.

Walking past the old place with the new one beckoning on the horizon. Construction of a new parking garage and playing fields and restored playgrounds for Macombs Dam Park is also continuing.

View of the grand entrance hall on 161st Street, taken from the second level.

Just outside the Yankees Museum inside the new Yankee Stadium, reproductions of classic baseball cards, done life-size, adorn the wall.

The view from my season tickets, section 421.

Another view from Section 421.

Here’s a photo I bet you won’t find in the New York Times. The new look for the women’s restrooms! Gone is all the horrible Pepto Bismol pink! And the bathrooms were heated! Surely that’ll be important this year when the World Series stretches into November!!

The entire photoset can be viewed at my Flickr account here:

Coming up in this week’s Welcome Back Baseball! An interview with writer Dale Tafoya, more book reviews, a roster preview… who knows, maybe I’ll even make some predictions…!!

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