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Today’s Game/Baseball in Tweets

  • A-Rod infield hit and a triple tonight. But the eyes are all on Hughes. #nyy #
  • Aww, dammit. Hughes gets hit with a comebacker that ends up an infield hit. His parents are in the stands, though, must be proud. #
  • So I guess this kind of quiets the arguments about how Hughes should've stayed in the bullpen, eh? #nyy Now let's win the game, guys. #
  • 22 A's Ks in 2 nights. CC tomorrow. What's the record for strikeouts in 3 games? #nyy @YankeesWFAN @Ledger_Yankees @BobKlap @BloggingBombers #
  • Ok Joba, now don't blow it for your pal. #nyy #
  • Phew! Joba gets out of it, Yankees clinging to a one-run lead. I can haz insurance run nao, plz? kthnxbye #
  • And Phil Hughes is a trending topic! Nice job, kid. You've got a lot of great starts ahead of you, too. #nyy #
  • Another infield hit for the speedy Jorge Posada! Wacky, that's what, three in 2 days? #nyy #
  • OMG Winn is squeezing the sawdust out of that bat. #nyy #
  • Nice. Gardner has an OBP of .429 and is hitting .314 so far. So why do people keep talking about pinch hitting for him?? #nyy #
  • Woo! Gardner comes through with the two-out lightning! RBI single on a full count to get the insurance run across the plate. #nyy #
  • #nyy Girly moment: Kurt Suzuki is cute. Esp. for a catcher. And Phil Hughes would be a dreamboat with some blond highlight in his hair. #
  • Wow, Nick Johnson just went down like a tree that's been lumberjacked. #nyy #
  • Mariano time! And the Let's Go Yankees chant breaks out at the Coliseum. #nyy #
  • Barton is fighting off Mo's pitches. But finally pops up the 9th pitch foul. Still, Mo always best for firs 15 pitches… #nyy #
  • OK, cute or not, I want Suzuki to ground into a double play. If he gets a hit, I take back what I said. #nyy #
  • @StadiumInsider Infield hits are hits, too. #
  • Woo! It takes 25 pitches to nail down the save, but Mariano does it. #nyy win their 5th series in a row to open the season. #
  • @Zellyanks Damn, cut it off before I could see it. Oh well. #

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