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Today’s Game/Baseball in Tweets

  • @Ledger_Yankees Replacing #nyy Why? #
  • I worked a little late today so by the time I got home it was 10 minutes into the game and the #nyy were already up 2-0! Nice news. #
  • Wow. Jorge drilled in the soft tissue of the knee by a pitch. He barely made it around the bases, but he made it. By the way, 5-0 Yanks now. #
  • Ah, I'm caught up now, @Ledger_Yankees. 1) Cambridge, Massachusetts. 2) Ketchup. #rollcallnyy #
  • The Cisco Kid is in for Posada now. Better hope he doesn't get beaned or take a backswing or we'll see if Swisher can catch. #nyy #
  • Cano has such a pretty swing. It's almost Griffey-esque. And he's hitting .392. And he just hit a home run. No slow start this year! #nyy #
  • Cisco's new clubhouse nickname is "Great Gazoo" because of his special helmet. (Too many concussions already in his career.) #nyy #
  • Cervelli grounds out to end the top of the third, but now it's 6-0 Yanks. Anyone who was nervous about losing 4 of 5 is relaxing now. #nyy #
  • Jeter stops the ball but doesn't make the play. Markakis gets a hit, but… Jeter made an error yesterday, too. SI jinx? Still got the flu? #
  • CC's pitches are really moving. Some of these swings and misses are classic. #
  • Former Met Ty Wiggington's double puts men on second and third. Ball is traveling at Camden Yards tonight. One out. #nyy #
  • Cano makes the out on the thick infield grass, getting Tejada, but a run scores. 6-1 Orioles. Highest grass in the league they say. #nyy #
  • CC strands a man by striking out Wieters. Whoo! 6-1 Yankees after 3. #nyy #
  • Gardner leads the league in stolen bases. He singles with two outs, want to bet he's going here? Jeter at the plate. #nyy #
  • But Jeter makes out before Gardner gets a chance to go anywhere. Still 6-1 Yanks. #nyy #
  • The YES tv feed to goes out constantly–often during commercial break so you can't TELL it's dead. Cervelli just got an RBI. #nyy #
  • CC back on the hill for the bottom of the 5th. Gives up a line drive to last night's hero, Cesar Iszturis. #nyy #
  • Kay tells amusing story about Billy Martin giving him a tip that he was about to get fired for the 4th time. Kay said he was paranoid. #nyy #
  • Three days later, Martin was fired. I think the guy knew the signs of imminent firing better than anyone. #imissgeorge #nyy #
  • @Ledger_Yankees The NYC way to have a hot dog? Anyway you can get it, baby. Anyway you can get it. #nyy #
  • Cano makes nice play on tough hop! They get force at second, Izsturis to third, Markakis at first. Then nice scoop by Tex for 6-4-3 DP! #
  • @BryanHoch Didn't Moose win like nine Gold Gloves as an Oriole? #nyy #
  • I'll never forget that day in spring training when Pavano fell on his "bum," every beat writer trying to describe the injury. @YankeesWFAN #
  • So glad that Swisher and Gardner are hitting. I just like those guys. And someone has to until Johnson, Tex & A-Rod get going. #nyy #
  • Men on the corners, no outs. Swish on third, Gardner at first. Will Jeter take a pitch or two to let him steal? Nope. Fouled back. #nyy #
  • Jeter RBI single! 2nd RBI tonight. So much for the SI jinx. #nyy #
  • Teixeira put a nice swing on a line drive, but caught in left. Pitching change. Cla Meredith coming to pitch now. 8-1 Yanks. #nyy #
  • Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira always remind me of Little Leaguers when they play. You can see the boy in them. #nyy #
  • The Orioles get a run, but there's not a lot of tension. 8-2 Yankees as Sabathia gets a fly ball to end the 6th. 85 P, 57 for strikes. #
  • Cervelli seems really quick for a catcher. Reminds me of Ivan Rodriguez when he was young. Grounds out though. #nyy #
  • Isturiz is the new Yankee killah. Gets another hit. #nyy #
  • RT @Ledger_Yankees Who holds the Camden Yards press box record for consecutive hot dogs consumed?// I'm going to guess Ken Rosenthal. #
  • @Zellyanks Tell her to get her butt in gear. When he was with Kate Hudson he was hitting better. #
  • @BryanHoch I learned from watching Chuck Knoblauch. Not kidding. #
  • Yanks turn a nice double play, which is fortunate since CC serves up a Camden style home run. Then escapes inning. 8-3 Yanks. #nyy #
  • CC walks Tejada on 5 pitches to lead off the 8th. Over 100 pitches thrown, may be fatiguing a bit. Not his best, but good enough. #nyy #
  • CC then gets two quick fly ball outs. Swisher almost doubles Tejada off first with accurate throw. #nyy 108 pitches now. #
  • Humph. A little dunker bloops into right and knocks CC from the game. Men on the corners, 2 out, and Joba coming in. #nyy #

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