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Vazquez finally wins!

  • Javy Vazquez inherited the #Yankees curse of low run support from Mike Mussina. #nyy #
  • Orioles elect to pitch to A-Rod in a 1-1 tie with 2 out and men on 2nd & 3rd. Because if they walk him, Cano is next, hottest hitter in AL. #
  • A-Rod is only 1 for 8 off the pitcher they have brought in, but it doesn't matter. He grounds the ball to third, but Tejada munged throw! #
  • 2 runs score on the Tejada error and poor Brian Matusz is burned again. But Javy Vazquez is now in line for the win. IF NY bullpen can do it #
  • And the Yankees finally win on a night Vazquez pitches well! Great pitching and one big Orioles error made the difference. #

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