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Today’s Baseball in Tweets

  • At yankee stadium. Weather beautiful, team playing well… So where is everyone. Tickets were being scalped below face value & seats empty. #
  • RT @ed_price: #Yankees have five six-game winners at 62-game mark for the first time since 1939. #
  • @Ledger_Yankees what do you know about Huffman? I don't remember him from spring training. #
  • corwin has brought me a shake from Johnny Rockets! This game is going great! (1st pitch not for 20 minutes) We saw the museum, too. #
  • The #Yankees museum has a bunch of new stuff and rearranged exhibits from last year. Very worth visiting every year if they keep updating it #
  • Nice jay z / Alicia keys montage before the game. Audio from their live performance in the postseason we were here for last year. #
  • Jorge posada will catch today! #
  • Is ours the only national anthem that ends with a question? And as Scott Westerfeld pointed out: it has a plot! #
  • Hughes warns up to Metallica. I guess he figures it worked for Mariano… Starts off Bourn with a strike. Damn, infield hit though. #
  • @alysonfooter@ed_price any idea why Berkman sitting today? #
  • . @Ledger_Yankees: #rollcallnyy a.) Boston, but I'm at the game b.) I would catch Posada any day of the week, man! He hot! Ears sexy! #
  • Tex was hit by pitch according to my mom, who is watching the game at home and texting me on her new Blackberry. Ump didn't see it, though. #
  • Cotton candy man just came by shouting "Who wants a root canal?" #worstsalespitchesever #
  • Astros scratched a run in the first on infield hit, walk, stolen base,sac fly. Now after 2.5 innings, Hughes and Moehler kept all Quiet. #
  • Callup Chad Huffman at the plate for the #Yankees We know nothing about him other than he is 24. 6'1" 217lbs. #
  • Huffman legs out an infield single and gets huge ovation! Mick Kelleher collects ball to give him as a souvenir of his 1st big league hit. #
  • @Ledger_Yankees crowd gave him a nice hand, too. Are his parents here? #
  • RT @Ledger_Yankees: Huffman has a bunch of family here today. Cool moment for all of them. #
  • Cano hits his 100th homer! Are the Yankees finally getting to Moehler? Now two outs, back to back walks. #
  • Three walks in a row! Bases loaded for Ramiro pena. Meeting on mound. Stadium at max volume!! #
  • Peña with a two run single! Then rookie huffman got caught on the basepaths but still, 3-1 #Yankees now! #
  • Lights just came on. Are the wheels coming off? One out, Hughes walked #9 batter then Tex error let another man on. #
  • Hughes bears down and gets out of it! Ground ball and then gets hunter pence looking at strike three! Game half over. 3-1 yanks. #
  • Rain is on the way. Just checked radar and thunderstorms are moving east toward us. But it is an official game now. And my battery is low! #
  • Jorge Posada just hit his second grand slam in two days. There is rejoicing. This stadium is loud! Demanded a curtain call. Got one. #
  • Now 7-1 Yankees after ten men batted in the bottom of the inning. And it's starting to rain. #
  • Steady rain falling all inning. Hughes 111 pitches trying to get them out but labored. Astros back in it! score 4 runs w 2 outs! Marte in. #
  • The rain never stopped but neither did the Yankees. Final score 9-5 yanks! #

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