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Today’s Baseball in Tweets

  • One of the best pro panels ever. Bobby Cox, Phil Niekro, Marke Lemke, Ron Gant, spoke at #sabr40 Recap: #
  • Did Mantle's famous homer travel 565 feet? Alan Nathan says it *might* have: #
  • More analysis: are outs on the bases worse than others? Is hitting with RISP random or a skill? Today at #sabr40 recap: #
  • And now I REALLY need a nap. Going to go take one. #sabr40 #
  • Vince Gennaro rocks the house. #sabr40 (will post notes on his talk in a bit) Economics was never so much fun. #
  • @Baseballisms So glad you made it! #
  • This afternoon's research presentations recapped from #sabr40 at #

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