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Yankees vs. KC

  • It's hot and muggy and beautiful at the Stadium today. The air is redolent with the scent of hot dogs and sausages. And the flags are down. #
  • In windows of shops nearby, signs proclaim RIP Mr. Steinbrenner. Now half hour before gametime, Ed Alstrom plays Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer. #
  • Last night Jorge Posada got his 1000th RBI, joining Johnny Bench, Carlton Fisk, Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey and Ivan Rodriguez. Amazing!! #
  • The milestone we are hoping to see today or tomorrow is Alex Rodriguez hitting his 600th homer. Since hitting 599 he has been hot! But no HR #
  • It's lunchbox day! Oh to be under age 14 again. Lots of kids here today and a lot of them look kind of wowed by the lunchbox. #
  • Tomorrow is umbrella day! We might need 'em since the muggy weather guarantees thunderstorms. The heat index today is 105! Actual high 97. #
  • @LoHudYankees thanks! #
  • Game off to a rough start but they got out of it cheaply enough. Mitre put first two guys on, then a double steal. Ground ball brought in 1, #
  • when Posada couldn't hang on to the ball. Then a sac fly brought in another, but a nice ground ball double play ends the trouble. Jeter up. #
  • Granderson doubled which meant Arod could come up as the tying run. But although it's clear no pitcher wants to be a trivia answer, he #
  • worked the count full then hit a can of corn to center. Sigh. Mitre back on the mound. #
  • Mitre seems to have settled down. Three ground ball outs. People just want to see Arod though. Guy on phone behind me: "Might see history." #
  • Thames gets a seeing eye infield hit that rolled up the third base line and hit the bag. But otherwise the Yanks got nuthin off Davies. #
  • Mitre has induced 6 ground balls in a row for 7 outs. Now facing Kendall who is 5th on all time MLB games caught list at 1998. Ground single #
  • Feh. Is the ball a bar of soap today? Kendall scores, Posada tries to throw out Butler going to second and bobbled, then Cano drops it. #
  • Mitre escapes on another ground ball out. But the Royals lead 3-0 now. #
  • Davies sets the Yankees down easily. There seem to be a dearth of vendors today. 4th inning and no ice cream, Italian ice, soda, lemonade… #
  • Haven't seen the frozen lemon guy, and we usually see him 5 times. Where's hot dogs? Ah here's the first Turkey Hill ice cream guy of today. #
  • Meanwhile Mitre has lost it again. Three straight hits, two more runs, and nobody out in the fourth. Yawn. #
  • What's left of Mitre's bacon (or at least a run) is saved by another amazing full Superman snare by Teixeira. Except not since next guy… #
  • singles to bring in sixth run and extend inning. Heck, Albaladejo coulda done this. (sent down today to make room for Mitre) #
  • Mitre escapes at last striking out Kendall. 6 runs wouldn't seem so bad if the #Yankees were hitting Davies like they should. #
  • THAT'S BETTER. Tex takes Davies deep. Now Alex at the plate. #
  • A-Rod infield hit. I'll take it. #
  • Jorge also juiced one but a cracking double play meant it was a solo shot. Then Mitre gave one back on a solo shot by Jose Guillen. #
  • So Mitre is gone. Now bellyitching for the Yankees, Dustin Moseley. #
  • That's even better. Tex with a two run shot! 7-4 Royals. By the way, Arod grounded out. Sigh. He might be pressing now? #
  • I may have to retract the intimation that Moseley is a belly itcher. Retires Royals in sixth with little incident. #
  • Meanwhile the scoreboard control guys think they are funny, playing Let It Snow, Let It Snow. Cano grounds out. #
  • This could be good. Kyle Farnsworth now pitching for the Royals. And a lemon ice vendor has appeared one section over. Anticipation. #
  • Sigh. Yankees got nuthin off Farnsworth in 6th, Tejeda in 7th. A-Rod grounded out. Moseley still in, has retired 10 of 12! One more out… #
  • and he gets a grounder to third. So we now need a 4-run rally, and then Mariano for three outs. Right? #
  • To the ninth. Swisher pinch hit for Thames and looked like he had a gapper, but Ankiel laid out for it! Moseley to pitch another. #
  • We want pie. But it'll take a four run rally to do it in regulation time. Moseley went 4.2, gave up one hit. We now face Joakim Soria. #
  • Two outs. But if they load the bases now, Arod would be the winning run. Jeter up! #
  • Jeter ground rule double! It could happen! Granderson up! #
  • Granderson walks on four pitches! Tex up, arod on deck! #
  • Damn! #
  • Tex grounded up the middle, ball was snared and he was called out at first. Close play. Guy in front of us got text from a pal: safe on tv. #
  • Now we are at Yankee Pizza, fortifying ourselves for the drive to the north Bronx. We will be back tomorrow; so will Arod and the Yankees. #

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