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Monthly Archives: March 2001

March 24: Close Enough to Touch (Yanks At Phillies)

Our last game of the trip, right in nearby Clearwater. This was the field where, last year, I almost blacked out when Derek Jeter walked by. Well, having had my close encounter with Jeter for the year already, I figured my health was in no danger this time around. The weather was perfect, sunny, clear, […]

March 23: All The Way To/From Texas (Yanks at Rangers)

It’s a two hour drive from Crystal Beach to Port Charlotte, which meant we had to get up quite a bit earlier than we were used to in order to arrive in time for BP at 10am. Yawn! My parents had to be on a plane back to Jersey that day, and Heather and Julian […]

March 21: Bombs Away (Tampa Bay at Yankees)

Oh no, rain again? I got up the next morning and it was nice out. But as the day went on, the day got grayer and colder. Brrr. Isn’t this Florida? We had definitely been in little danger of sunburn since that one day at Wide World of Sports. The weather was as unsettled as […]

March 18-19-20: Rain=Baseball Drought

Three days in a row of dissatisfaction with baseball followed. First, on Sunday March 18 the Yankees played the Red Sox in Fort Myers, a game I could not get tickets to no matter how I tried. Last year’s game I tried to buy phone, and they told me the Yankee game was the one […]

March 17: Fencing (Yanks at Blue Jays)

After seeing the Braves in Disney, we drove to a little Cuban restaurant we knew of in Kissimmee, stuffed ourselves with black beans, rice, shredded beef, and the like, and then drove to the Tampa area. We were staying in my parents’ retirement house in Crystal Beach, like we did last year. They still aren’t […]

March 16: Old Friends Yankees at Braves

Green as I may be in the world of baseball, I’m not a rookie anymore. This is my second trip to spring training, so I knew a little of what to expect. And even though I had never been to see the Atlanta Braves play before, I found myself on familiar ground. The Disney Wide […]

March 26: Spring Training 2001

One of the great things about being a baseball writer is that you never lack for a metaphor, a symbolic hook, or an irony. I just sat down at my computer, having gotten off an airplane from Florida an hour ago, and what do I see outside my window here in Boston? Yes, my friends, […]

March 4 2001 : Mythic Proportions (The A-Rod-Jeter Thing)

I must be cranky today, because I’ve decided I’ve heard more than I want to hear about the supposed friendship and/or feud between Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Normally I eat this kind of stuff up. Not tabloid-ish gossip about players’ private lives, no. I don’t care if David Justice’s ex-fiancee is a gold-digger or […]