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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Spring training live in-game posts below:

Mariano threw only two balls in his outing. Struck out two looking, and had one comebacker to the mound. Corwin points out that maybe one reason Mo’s arm never breaks down is he doesn’t throw any breaking pitches at all. Hm.

Feels really good to see Jorge greet Mariano on the mound.

And now Sabathia got all stiff during the long inning and walked Jack Wilson on four pitches.Then was plodding along against the next batter but caught him looking.

The inning continues. They put Cano in to pinch hit for matsui. I guess after an RBI double and a homer they figured he was done.

The third inning is still going on. The Yankees have batter around, and there are still two on and one out.

The Yankees have knocked Virgil Vasquez from the game with three doubles and a homer (Matsui) in the third. They are playing Irish-ish music between innings.

Sabathia has now struck out 6 of 9 batters. Coming up next inning, Jack Wilson of the Pirates will be leading off. Is he another shortstop who wears number two because he grew up idolizing Jeter? Like Troy Tuliewitsky in Colorado?

Sabathia is not spotting the fastball well tonight, but the change up is devastating! He has struck out 4 of 6 batters faced but the Pirates did scratch a run.

At the risk of stating the obvious, Sabathia is One Big Dude. Struck out Nyjer Morgan to open the game.

Tuesday at George M. Steinbrenner Field

It’s the first sign of bad weather we’ve had so far on the trip. Gray clouds and a bare sprinkle of rain. It being St. Patrick’s Day, lots of folks are wearing green. The opponent tonight is the Pirates. This means I just saw a guy dressed as a pirate leprechaun.