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Reid Ryan addresses #SABR44

Here are my notes on the SABR 44 keynote by Reid Ryan in Houston. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Ryan you might have thought you were about to hear a speech by a dull front-office wonk. Savvy folks however might have realized that Ryan is a pretty big name in Texas baseball. Houston Chapter […]

December 20 2005: Yellow Doze of Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Texas definitely has a thing about bigness, and when you go there, that size-ism is on display everywhere. The last time I visited Texas I discovered just how different the scale is there. A typical sight: an American flag flies over a car dealership, just like they do […]

December 16 2000 : Think Back To March 30

This is the first of a series of “think backs” I plan to do, to assuage the withdrawal pangs of the offseason for myself and the many fanatics out there. I share your pain. March 30th, 2000 found the Yankees at Enron Field in Houston, set to play the inaugural exhibition game at the new […]