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If you have enjoyed the pieces and the writing here at “Why I Like Baseball,” I am extremely glad. I do it for my love of the game, and my love of writing. I wouldn’t, however, turn away any donation that readers might like to give to support my work. It costs me money to keep this site up and running. It’s a burden I have no qualms about bearing, but I wouldn’t mind sharing that burden with others.

If you would like to make a donation, please do so in any amount that you would like, no matter how small.

I figure I’m usually willing to pay about a dollar for every great article I retrieve from a newspaper’s web archive. Maybe if I were reading a bunch of short pieces I’d give 20 cents for each. Or maybe if I spent a whole evening enjoying a site, I’d pay what I would pay to see a movie or buy a paperback book. It’s entirely up to you, though, what you feel would be a fair amount to put into the hat.

There are two ways you can donate. One is to write me a check, and mail it to:

Cecilia Tan
39 Hurlbut St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

or, you can do it electronically through Pay Pal. Pay Pal allows you to transfer funds, no matter how small, from your credit card number or a bank account, to me (or anyone else in the world with an email address.)

I’ve set a Paypal “donate” button in the right sidebar, and if this code works, it will also appear below.

Of course, the other way you can support my efforts is just by telling your friends to come and read the stuff. Because that’s the real pleasure in writing.

My sincere thanks for helping “Why I Like Baseball” to grow, by whichever means.

Cecilia Tan

P.S. Supporters have also sent me various other kinds of donations besides money. A Mariners fan who works at the Oberto Beef Jerky Factory saw my mention of the Oberto ad sign at Safeco Field and sent me beef jerky. (Which was delicious, by the way.) I’ve received non-edible donations, too, in the form of books, hats, T-shirts, bobbleheads, etc. Anything I choose not to keep, I pass on as raffle and trivia prizes to my local chapter of SABR, so the stuff always goes to a good home. I also review products, especially books, on the site, and so am happy to receive samples for review purposes as well.