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Monthly Archives: September 2009

September 27, 2009: Long Distance Runaround

It’s always tricky trying to follow one’s team while traveling. In recent years I have found myself tempted to miss airplanes while watching in airport bars, watching broadcasts while ON planes (thank you, JetBlue), watching just the ESPN TICKER on planes when the local broadcast wasn’t on, carrying a portable XM radio with me, cartuning […]

Berth Day

Today I plunked down about $3,000 for the full run of postseason tickets at Yankee Stadium. Four seats, eleven games, including game seven of the World Series, should they get that far. I have yet to attend a World Series game in my lifetime, and my fingers, toes, and imaginary appendages are all crossed that […]

The “Softer Side” of Jorge Posada

I got an email this morning with an amusing lead in: “The Yankees had an interesting game last night, but to highlight the ‘softer side’ of Jorge Posada, I wanted to send over some information that may be of interest to some of your readers around Charitybuzz auctions that are ending tomorrow, September 17, 2009 […]

Jeter 2,721 – My Dad, 74

Apparently, Derek Jeter got the memo about my dad’s birthday, he just got the details wrong. You see, my father and I (along with my brother and his son Owen–three generations of Tans at one ballgame!) went to the game on Monday at 1pm, Labor Day, to celebrate my dad’s 74th birthday, and also in […]


I like to pretend that I can see into the future, but really I just have to wait until I get there like everyone else. Today I’m wondering if someday people will talk about Derek Jeter the way men of a certain era now talk about Mickey Mantle. You know the ones I mean, guys […]