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May 7 2003 : Out Standing In The Field (Player Diary)

Here I am again, trying to play baseball. For those who are new to my endeavors, here’s a quick recap. March 23, 2000 — While surfing the Internet, I discover the existence of “organized” women’s baseball in the US. While there’s no “major league” per se, there are several organizing bodies, including the AAU and […]

November 18 2002 : Oh For Two On The Year

6:06 pm–I pack my batting gloves, glove, contact lens solution, and wallet into a tote bag, my spikes into a plastic grocery bag, and put my “61*” cap on my head. I am ready for my first game of softball, ever. (I’ve decided to try indoor winter softball as a way to stay in shape […]

May 1 2002 : One-Tool Player? (Player Diary)

April 19, 2002 Outdoor tryouts were last night and I am happy to report that I arrived home without a black eye. (See previous entry for how I got quite a shiner.) I caught exactly one ball in the outfield and fielded two at shortstop, two at second base, and made one good throw from […]

April 11 2002 : Trying To Make The Team (Player Diary)

The March 2002 entries of my baseball player diary. March 5 My arm hurts. Not from throwing — it has been too damn cold here lately. Last night it got down into the teens and we have had a bitter wind. I have not had the chance to go to the cage in over a […]

February 28 2002: My Own Spring Training

Those of you who have been following WILBB for a while now, know that I’m hoping to play baseball this year with the New England Women’s Baseball League (NEWBL). I’ve been keeping a diary of my progress as I gear up for the season and try to get myself in shape. Here’s how February went: […]

July 15 2001: I Got Called Up Today (!)

I picked the wrong morning to sleep through my alarm. The reason I slept through it today is because after corwin got into bed, at around 6 AM, he snored. Elbowing him and rolling him over didn’t solve the problem, so I moved to the bed in the guest room for the duration of the […]

July 7 2001: Sky’s The Limit

There are any number of pleasures unique to summer for those of us in the northeast–fresh corn bought from a roadside stand and eaten uncooked, sweet and messy in the car, searching for shells on an Atlantic beach with bubbly seawater seeping warm through our toes, nighttime concerts in the public square, block parties, yard […]

June 9 2001: Have Glove, Will Travel

I just realized something that makes me very happy. My arm doesn’t hurt. Over the past three weeks I’ve spent a grand total of 14 out of the last seventeen days on the road, which (as my ear infection and thrown-out back can attest) can be tough on a body. Lucky for me, two of […]

May 20 2001: Another Baseball Day

So I have what is probably one of the stupidest baseball-related injuries one can get. This whole week has been cold and rainy and having us wonder if summer is ever really going to arrive in New England. But Saturday was sunny and warm, and I got together with some friends who have been bitten […]

April 10 2001: Stick With It – Women’s Baseball In New England

Is there a future for me at second base? Or maybe in the outfield, on the bench? It’s all wide open right now. I’ve now spent a total of four hours in the company of the New England Women’s Baseball League, and already I know twice as much about the mechanics of baseball as I […]