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SABR 40: This year’s award winners!

Announcement of the winners of this year’s award winners! Neal Traven, head of the judges, announces that unfortunately neither the poster winner nor the research presentation winner could be present. But he gives a recap of the winners and their topics. (And the poster, which was very beautifully done, was displayed in the back.)

SABR 40: Seymour Medal Panel

The Research Process: Seymour Medal Winners Panel Dorothy Seymour Mills, David Block, Tom Swift Official description(s): Magnolia Chapter member Ken Fenster moderates a discussion with Dorothy Seymour Mills, David Block and Tom Swift about the ups and downs of the research process, from the formulation of original ideas all the way through to publication. The […]

SABR 40: New Technologies in Baseball Panel

New Technologies in Baseball Panel Measuring ball flight using Sportvision’s PITCHf/x, HITf/x, and FIELDf/x Trackman’s Doppler Radar Technology Official description: Alan Nathan moderates a discussion of the latest developments in Sportsvision’s PITCHf/x, HITf/x and FIELDf/x, and TrackMan’s radar technology used to measure ball flight.

SABR 40: awards and John Schuerholz speech

Here we are at the SABR Awards Banquet. The eating is mostly over with, and now president Andy McCue is reading off the results of various awards that were given earlier this year, including some to high school students for historical society prizes and the like, and working up to the Seymour Medal. We’ve just […]

SABR 40: day two wrap up (Braves game)

Yesterday before dashing for the bus to the ballpark, I actually managed to see a little more than half of Robert Fitts’s presentation on Babe Ruth and Eiji Sawamura, the 17 year old pitcher who struck the Babe out and became a national hero. The young pitcher had forfeited his future in academia by taking […]

SABR 40: day two, post four

Okay, gearing up for the last five research presentations of the day. I might have to miss the last one in order to get the bus to the ballpark in time. I probably should have not paid for the bus and just taken MARTA instead, but when I was buying my tickets months ago it […]

SABR 40: day two, post three

Do Batters Make Slumps Worse by Trying to Escape Them? Jeff Switchenko, with several co-authors Hitting with RISP: Real differences between players by Eric Van Are Outs Made on the Bases More Harmful than Other Types of Outs? David W. Smith

SABR 40: day two, post two

Revising Mantle’s Griffith Stadium Home Run A Case Study in Forensic Physics Alan Nathan An intriguing look at one of the most iconic moments in the career of one of baseball’s most iconic figures. Lots has been written about the famous homer, as written about in the book CLOUT by Dan Valenti. The characters: Yankee […]

SABR 40: day two, Braves Player Panel

SABR Liveblogging Day 2 I’m late to the Braves Player Panel. I would have been on time, but something I had at the breakfast buffet didn’t agree with me. I’m there now, though… Phil Niekro, Mark Lemke, Bobby Cox, Ron Gant, and moderated by Pete Van Wieren Recapped below!

SABR 40: day one, post three

In this post: Resting the Pitcher: How Useful are Pitch Counts and Days of Rest? Sean Forman and JC Bradbury Where have You Gone, Tony Lazzeri? Lawrence Baldasarro Pitchers As Fielders: A Quantitative Analysis or… Why Kirk Rueter is the best-fielding pitchers of all time John Knox 21 Facts You Didn’t Know About 1921 Steve […]