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An evening with a bunch of knuckleballers

So I mentioned in my recap of the SABR convention this summer that I saw an advance screening there of the film KNUCKLEBALL! And that I loved it. Well, I am happy to report the film easily stands up to a second viewing. Tuesday night I had a chance to attend a terrific event at […]

June 21 2000: Tough Night At Fenway For The Yanks AND Me

Man, Red Sox fans can be obnoxious. I always thought it would be worse for Yankee fans if the Sox lost. But no, the average Sox fan greets a humiliating loss like Monday’s 22-1 rout, or the surprising three-home-run wallop of Pedro yesterday, with a kind of morose resignation. It takes all the energy right […]

June 19 2000: It Worked! Yanks Wallop Red Sox 22-1

Well, last night my team was down, and all kinds of drama, humiliation and heartbreak loomed potentially on the horizon. We were out of first place, suffered an unbelievable loss 17-4 in which our ace got shelled for 9 runs in the top of the first inning and came out of the game after only […]

June 18 2000: I’m Gonna Wear My Cap, Yankee Fans At Fenway

So here it is, the night before the Yanks start a four game stand at Fenway Park, against the Red Sox, who are ahead of them by half a game in first place in the AL East. And Toronto is only a half a game below them. My team needs picking up. They were swept […]