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Monthly Archives: July 2011

SABR 41: Final panel! Tommy Davis & Al Ferrara story time

The final event of the SABR convention was the player panel with Tommy Davis and Al Ferrara. (Del Crandall was unable to make it, because his wife fell ill.) This was one of the best “story time with former players” I can remember. Each of them had great stories to tell, and was very personable […]

SABR 41: Day 3 research presentations

Some strange statistical anomalies show up in my SABR research presentation attendance this year. For example, somehow I ended up seeing everything in the Catalina Room and didn’t see anything in the Pacific Room. I also didn’t see anything on the New York Yankees except Herm Krabbenhoft’s one about correcting the RBI record for Lou […]

SABR 41: Day two, a panel and more research presentation

Friday Morning at SABR 41: The “40 Years of SABR” Panel and research presentations This morning was taken up with a panel discussion and then three research presentations. I could have seen a fourth as well, but the presenter I wanted to see couldn’t make it and I wasn’t that interested in the pinch-hitter. So […]

SABR 41: Day one research presentations

I saw five research presentations today at SABR 41 (there were six slots, but I missed one of them while chatting with people, go figure…). I took notes, but am only presenting the gist of each one here. Some of them will have more extensive versions published in SABR publications and other publications in the […]

SABR 41: Media Panel: Baseball media in ten years

SABR 41 MEDIA PANEL “Where we’re going to be getting our baseball information a decade from now?” moderated by SABR President Andy McCue Panelists: Bill Squadron, head of Bloomberg Sports, former pres. of Sportvision inventors of K-Zone Russ Stanton, Editor of the Los Angeles Times Sean Forman, Founder and Guru of Dave Cameron, Managing […]

SABR 41: Scott Boras Keynote Speech

Here I am at the SABR national convention. I wasn’t able to get here early enough last night for the Medical Panel, but am up bright and early for the keynote opening speech by Scott Boras. At 8:29:40 am, Andy McCue stepped to the microphone to call the first meeting of the morning to order. […]

SABR 41: Intro Post! Long Beach Here I Come!

I’m writing this on an airplane on my way to the forty-first SABR convention. It’s a long flight, since I’m coming from Boston and the event is in Long Beach, California this year. Fortunately for me, I am being kept well occupied by the fact that I’m on Jetblue, which has DirecTV at every seat, […]