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Several kinds of ads are available on WHY I LIKE BASEBALL. Text Link Ads, Banner Ads, and Smaller Graphical Ads. I’m no longer offering ads through Project Wonderful, though they are wonderful.

Text Link Ads

Text link ads on WHY I LIKE BASEBALL are charged at the rate of $5$10/word per month, for a minimum of three words for three months ($90 $45). These ads appear on all pages of the site, including the main index page, individual articles, and the archives.

Get one month free if you prepay for 12 months! (Ad will run for a total of 13 months.)

A “word” is defined as just that, a word, so “Great Red Sox Tickets” is four words. A URL like would be one word, but if you go overboard and want, then we need to talk.

Email your desired text and URLs to ctan.writer *at* Gmail for a price quote.

Banner Ads

There is room at the top of the page above the graphical page header for a standard banner ad (120 x 600 pixels) or below the graphical page header in column two. The top of page ad costs $50 per month for a minimum of 2 months, and the column two ad (main center column above posts) costs $50 per month, minimum of one full month.

Smaller Graphical Ads

Small banners or buttons and graphics that can fit in the side columns (max width 125 pixels) are charged by height, beginning at $10 for the first 60 pixels and $5 for each 60 pixels thereafter up to a height of 600 maximum (“skyscraper”).

Ad Policy

Ads do not have to be baseball-related, but we are a family-friendly site. So nothing obscene, overtly erotic, showing nudity or pulchritude, or graphically sexual, please. We’ve got much better sites for that kind traffic. Animated GIFs or otherwise flashing, blinking, or sound-producing ads must be approved. Unlike Facebook, we also will not take ads for sites that appear to be some for of scam, like the many versions of the Google Cash Scam.

Contact: ctan(dot)writer *at* Gmail for a price quote and availability. We accept payment by Paypal for quickest implementation of ad orders.