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Monthly Archives: April 2001

April 27 2001: Comings & Goings

I parked my car at Yankee Stadium recently, when I wasn’t going to a game. Why? Well, where else can you park your car in New York for eight hours for only eight dollars? I had driven down to the city from Boston to do a reading for the New York Review of Science Fiction […]

April 17 2001: Tonight I Love Baseball

If you’ve been reading “Why I LIke Baseball” for a while, you know where my team allegiance lies. If you haven’t, it’s no secret I’m a lifelong Yankees fan, born in New York City, raised in the Nettles-Reggie-Munson era, and avidly following the recent championship dynasty in the Bronx. But what I’m discovering this season […]

April 10 2001: Stick With It – Women’s Baseball In New England

Is there a future for me at second base? Or maybe in the outfield, on the bench? It’s all wide open right now. I’ve now spent a total of four hours in the company of the New England Women’s Baseball League, and already I know twice as much about the mechanics of baseball as I […]

April 2 2001 – Opening Day: Part Two: The Game

Kudos to whoever wrote the script for today’s Opening Day show, because it couldn’t have been better. If I were a theater critic, I’d say it had equal parts poignancy, laughter, drama, action, and a bang of an ending! It was the first time I’d ever been to Opening Day, and I must say it […]

April 2 2001 – Opening Day: Part One: The Day Of The Fan

For those of you who had to miss Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, I decided to bring you a minute by minute recap of the entire day. It’s in two parts, one that’s just about the actual game, and then this one… 9:05 am — I woke up to the smell of bacon cooking in […]