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August 7 2000: More Time on the Diamond

Well, my boyfriend and I and a large group of friends have been playing wiffle ball every weekend. And man, is it fun. I think it’s especially fun for the baseball fans in the group. I think for us, playing wiffle ball is sort of akin to those guys who go out and play those […]

August 3 2000: Diamonds & Plastic Wiffle Ball Takes Over

If you’ve been reading my column on Yankees Xtreme, you already know about corwin’s wiffle ball obsession. Well, actually, when I wrote about it on Xtreme (read it HERE), it was only an interest, a curiousity. But now I can definitely say it’s an obsession. He imagines himself pitching while he’s trying to go to […]

July 15 2000: It’s Amazing What They Can Do With Plastic

(This column originally appeared at, Yankees Xtreme. Reproduced here by permission of Ultrastar.) I bought a gift for my boyfriend last weekend. No, not box seats at the Stadium or a Bernie Williams jersey. A Wiffle Ball. A recent article in Yankees Magazine said David Cone learned to pitch as a kid with one. […]