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March 24: Close Enough to Touch (Yanks At Phillies)

Our last game of the trip, right in nearby Clearwater. This was the field where, last year, I almost blacked out when Derek Jeter walked by. Well, having had my close encounter with Jeter for the year already, I figured my health was in no danger this time around. The weather was perfect, sunny, clear, […]

March 23: All The Way To/From Texas (Yanks at Rangers)

It’s a two hour drive from Crystal Beach to Port Charlotte, which meant we had to get up quite a bit earlier than we were used to in order to arrive in time for BP at 10am. Yawn! My parents had to be on a plane back to Jersey that day, and Heather and Julian […]

December 23 2000 : Think Back to April 23rd…

Home runs in the Toronto SkyDome have become increasingly frequent in the “juiced ball” (and/or juiced player) era, with 58 round-trippers hit in just the first 14 games there in 2000. On Easter Sunday, 2000, when the New York Yankees took on their division rivals, the Blue Jays, eight balls would fly into the seats. […]

August 13 2000: Why Don’t I Like Junior?

Seattle played the Yankees recently, and beat the Bombers pretty bad. I, like a lot of people in baseball, was thinking, gee, this team actually seems better this year, despite the loss of marquee star Ken Griffey, Jr. What’s up with that? It was this time last year that I was sitting in the stands […]