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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Umps Care, they really do

It’s not every day you get to talk to a major league umpire. Today I got a chance to have an extensive interview with Jim Reynolds who has been a major league ump for more than ten years, to help kick off the UMPS CARE charity auction online. (Auction kicks off today onlinewith some truly […]

Another game in tweets: Pirates at Yankees

Cano not in lineup today. He did extra hitting work with Kevin Long on back field. Hitting power to right field–a Yankee Stadium swing? Cloudy and muggy here in Tampa today. Dad getting a sandwich for us to share. We have a half hour still until baseball. Mom teaching aqua. Starting pitchers today. Sabathia for […]

Today’s game in Tweets!

Today’s game in Tweets! Here’s a compilation of all the tweets I posted from the game live today. If you want to follow my live tweets next games, find me at Kid in front of me has NY logo shaved in his hair. #Yankees Phillies caps are neon red, with their bright blue […]

Spring 2010: Phils at Yanks

Today’s game was one long round of “who is that player?” This is a typical spring activity, but one would think that with modern information technology things would get easier. One would be wrong. I started out this morning trying to print out the rosters from which was all well and good, but what […]

Another year Spring Training! Jays at Yankees

I think I burned my ear. Hello and welcome to another Spring Training! I’m in Tampa all week, and with any luck I’ll also be stopping by Lakeland. I’m not working on any high-powered books or articles at the moment (the YANKEES ANNUAL just came out so that is all done!) so this week I […]