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Monthly Archives: November 2008

November 3, 2008: Not So Risky Business

To be fair, we recently mentioned a Derek Jeter interview in which featured much talk about him playing in an EA Sports Video Game Tournament with Tiger Woods. Well, now Alex Rodriguez is in a commercial for Guitar Hero, with Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, and Tony Hawk. Ripping off Tom Cruise, no less. This […]

Born Again in Baseball: Rookie

(Originally posted February 13, 2000, reposted to new site November 1, 2008)

So, how did a young fan of Reggie Jackson, the Year of the Comeback, Bucky Dent, Ron Guidry, and Thurman Munson, a woman who still counts among one of the best days of her life witnessing Dave Righetti’s Fourth of July No-Hitter live at Yankee Stadium, lose her faith in the late ’80s, forget the sport of baseball entirely, and then find it again in 1999?

(Click title above to read full article and find out…)

Offseason Blues

(Originally posted February 13, 2000, reposted to new site November 1, 2008)

I never anticipated how difficult the offseason was going to be this year. It’s my first offseason since my return to baseball fanaticism, and I just had no idea it would be this hard to get through the dark months.

Oh, sure, in November there were a few tidbits, like the awards and such, that counted as “news.” Trade rumors. Actual trades. A trickle here, and a trickle there. I found myself re-reading my dog-eared copy of Yankee Magazine from August ’99, and watching video highlights… (click title above to read full article)