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Monthly Archives: March 2003

Traveling the Bambino Road: Day Six

Day Six: March 11, 2003 There was only one stop on today’s itinerary: McKethan Stadium at the University of Florida in Gainesville. What is the Ruth/Yankees connection here? George Steinbrenner gave the money for the light towers at McKethan Stadium. Also, when Ruth was with the Red Sox, they played the Giants in an exhibition […]

Traveling the Bambino Road: Day Five

Day Five: March 10, 2003 Today was a day of extremes, from the high tech luxury suites of Ted Turner to the splintered simplicity of Thomas Bell, from the eight lane madness of the Atlanta interstate “connector” to the backroads of pecan and peach country. Turner Field is one of those snazzy new baseball palaces, […]

Traveling the Bambino Road: Day Four

Day Four: March 9, 2003 And on Sunday, she rested. Well, not really, but I did relatively little. I only drove about two hours today, from Macon to Atlanta, and who knows, maybe tonight I’ll actually get eight hours sleep, since I’m not driving to another distant locale. My day started when I woke before […]

Traveling the Bambino Road: Day Three

Day Three: March 8, 2003 I cried at Joe Jackson’s gravesite today. But I didn’t figure out why until I was at Ty Cobb’s. But I’ll get to that later. The day dawned frigid and gray. Thirty nine degrees again. By the time I wended my way across Greenville to Joe Jackson Memorial Park, a […]

Traveling the Bambino Road: Day Two

Day Two: March 7, 2003 I woke to steel gray skies and 39 degree air temperature today. Brrr. My first stop of the day was the Baseball America offices in Durham. There I met up with fellow SABRite Cliff Gardner who accompanied me to see the Durham ballparks. The two parks are a study in […]

Traveling the Bambino Road: Day One

Day One: March 6, 2003 When I arrived at Boston’s Logan airport this morning, the roads were crackling with fresh ice and the forecast was for snow. When I stepped onto the tarmac three hours later at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, the air was moist with balmy rain. Folks here tell me it’s unusually cold for […]