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Monthly Archives: April 2010

2003 Women’s Baseball Diary, Part 2

Originally posted on June 7 2003: Baseball Diary 2003, Part 2. May 15 My arm hurt all weekend. Then again, so did my back, my knee, my neck… it has gotten cold and damp again, if you can believe that, and every part of me that has any nagging injury is aching. And the Yankees […]

May 7 2003 : Out Standing In The Field

Cecilia’s Baseball Diary 2003 May 7 2003 : Out Standing In The Field Here I am again, trying to play baseball. For those who are new to my endeavors, here’s a quick recap. March 23, 2000 — While surfing the Internet, I discover the existence of “organized” women’s baseball in the US. While there’s no […]

2003 Women’s Baseball Diary Repost

Starting later today I will begin at WHY I LIKE BASEBALL to re-post my diary entries from the 2003 season, when I was cut from playing part-time in the New England Women’s Baseball League and took up full-time with the Pawtucket Slaterettes, then capped off the season with the 24 Hours for Africa women’s baseball […]

Today’s Game/Baseball in Tweets

@Ledger_Yankees Replacing #nyy Why? # I worked a little late today so by the time I got home it was 10 minutes into the game and the #nyy were already up 2-0! Nice news. # Wow. Jorge drilled in the soft tissue of the knee by a pitch. He barely made it around the bases, […]

Today’s Game/Baseball in Tweets

A-Rod infield hit and a triple tonight. But the eyes are all on Hughes. #nyy # Aww, dammit. Hughes gets hit with a comebacker that ends up an infield hit. His parents are in the stands, though, must be proud. # So I guess this kind of quiets the arguments about how Hughes should've stayed […]

Jeter the leader

I’ve been feeling very spoiled lately watching Derek Jeter and thinking about how much we’re going to miss him when he’s gone. He’s be “The Man” for so long, it’s hard to remember what it was like in the days before he arrived, since when he arrived in 1996 he and Joe Torre and a […]

Today’s Game/Baseball in Tweets

@ed_price All time low at Jacob's Field tonight, too. Coincidence? # Powered by Twitter Tools

Today’s Game/Baseball in Tweets

Weather is beautiful! And I have mango bubble tea, an apple and beef lo mein, all bought inside #Yankee stadium! # The only thing that could ruin this day is Javier Vazquez… #

Ringing In The New Season at the Stadium

I’ve been at every home opener since 2000 except 2009, which got rained out and so I drove back to Boston in tears instead of staying in the city another day to go to the make-up game. Today made up for it. My two favorite Opening Days of the past decade were in 2001, seeing […]

Not Ready For Prime Time

The 2010 baseball season kicked off on Sunday night with a gala ESPN debut. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Neil Diamond, and Pedro Martinez were on hand to lend star power to the evening, which featured the Yankees and Red Sox facing off at Fenway Park on a pleasantly warm April evening. Unfortunately, the game turned […]