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Monthly Archives: February 2001

February 15: Home Stretch

Apologies, but though this piece was written on February 15th, technology conspired to keep it from appearing until February 24th… -ctan It has been a long, cold offseason, but this year I’ve done everything in my power to try to stave off the pangs of withdrawal. There’s still a few weeks before exhibition games begin, […]

February 8 2001 : Book Review Round Up of OffSeason Reading

Between all the books I got on baseball for Christmas, and the many books I collected throughout the season in anticipation of a long, cold winter, I had quite a reading list waiting for me when the season ended. Unfortunately for me, despite the size of the stockpile, I’m out of books to read and […]

February 6 2001: It’s All Mental

Absolutely every damn thing reminds me of baseball. It’s snowing like the proverbial “dickens” today, soggy, thick, and wet–it looks like there’s a man throwing lumps of wet chicken feathers off my roof. But that reminds me of throwing, and therefore baseball. I just baked chocolate chip cookies, which is a typical winter thing to […]

February 3 2001 : Think Back to May 28 : The Duel

Uncountable acres have been deforested to print all that has been written regarding one of the greatest rivalries in sports history, the New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox. Fortunately, with publishing in the electronic medium, no more trees need share that fate in order for me to chronicle the historic meeting that took […]