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Monthly Archives: August 2000

August 29 2000: A Night With The Baby Bombers

I think I have met the Yankees’ biggest fan. He’s not a Bleacher Creature, not an ANSKY guy, and not the fella in the upper deck who bangs the frying pan for good luck. He’s ten years old, his name is Andrew, and he loves the Staten Island Yankees. Yeah, Staten Island. I finally got […]

August 13 2000: Why Don’t I Like Junior?

Seattle played the Yankees recently, and beat the Bombers pretty bad. I, like a lot of people in baseball, was thinking, gee, this team actually seems better this year, despite the loss of marquee star Ken Griffey, Jr. What’s up with that? It was this time last year that I was sitting in the stands […]

August 12 2000: When Your Friends Aren’t Yankee Fans

(This column originally appeared at, Yankees Xtreme. Reproduced here by permission of Ultrastar.) It’s hard to be humble when you like the Yankees, isn’t it? We’ve got bragging rights for being the current World Champs, and there’s also the fact that the Bombers are “the most storied franchise in sports history.” As such, even […]

August 7 2000: More Time on the Diamond

Well, my boyfriend and I and a large group of friends have been playing wiffle ball every weekend. And man, is it fun. I think it’s especially fun for the baseball fans in the group. I think for us, playing wiffle ball is sort of akin to those guys who go out and play those […]

August 3 2000: Diamonds & Plastic Wiffle Ball Takes Over

If you’ve been reading my column on Yankees Xtreme, you already know about corwin’s wiffle ball obsession. Well, actually, when I wrote about it on Xtreme (read it HERE), it was only an interest, a curiousity. But now I can definitely say it’s an obsession. He imagines himself pitching while he’s trying to go to […]

August 2 2000: I Can’t Believe It’s August

Well, if you’ve read the journal entries before this one, you know that for me the off season seemed to take forever. Unfortunately, the opposite is true for the season itself, which is whizzing past me in a blur. Oh, I kept up pretty good in April and May, was glued to the radio/Internet many […]