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August 2 2000: I Can’t Believe It’s August

season2000Well, if you’ve read the journal entries before this one, you know that for me the off season seemed to take forever. Unfortunately, the opposite is true for the season itself, which is whizzing past me in a blur.
Oh, I kept up pretty good in April and May, was glued to the radio/Internet many nights, and would read the newspapers (web sites) every day, and had time to write pieces here, and to post in the Yankee fan forum…

But around mid-June, real life started to become more demanding. Deadlines. Meetings. Crises. And pretty much the whole month of July whipped by, well, since the All-Star game. I don’t think I’ve listened to a complete game since.

This is difficult, because since the trading deadline passed, there are so many changes to get used to. Ricky Ledee went to the Indians, and then they traded him to the Rangers. The Yankees have David Justice, Denny Neagle, Ryan Thompson… it just occurred to me I don’t even know what Ryan Thompson looks like. I probably saw him in Spring Training, but man, that was a long time ago.

That’s right, it’s two thirds over already.

The good news is, if the Yankees keep going as they are, with the added punch of Justice in the lineup, and the lift that Neagle gives the rotation, we’ll see a lot of time in the post-season, as well.

We can hope.

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