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SABR42 Day Three

The last three research presentation slots were on Saturday, along with the player panel, the reprise of the Case Competition winners from the Analytics Conference, and a bunch of committee meetings, as well as the Trivia Contest finals. (By all accounts the Trivia Finals were a blast–I followed them on Twitter from my room.) Between […]

SABR42: Day Two afternoon presentations

I saw five research presentations yesterday, one before lunch and four after, before it was time to walk over to the ballpark. On the slate: Steve Steinberg: on the crazy end to the 1908 season for the Giants Alan Nathan: what have we learned about bats (aluminum/wood) in 10 years Mark Armour: on the history […]

SABR42 Day Two: John Thorn’s keynote speech

I overdid it yesterday. As I was posting my blog entries last night, my nose started to run and my throat started to hurt. Blame the freezing cold AC in the ballrooms. Blame Neal Traven: he came up to me in the bar last night and said “I have a cold.” More likely, the blame […]

SABR42 Day One: Afternoon Presentations & Knuckleball movie

SABR42 Day One: Afternoon I saw three research presentations (out of four possible) this afternoon, and then went to meet up with my fellow panelists for the Women in Baseball panel, which I had the honor of speaking on. I can’t really blog that one since I was on it and couldn’t take notes! So […]

SABR 42: Day 1 Morning Research Presentations

SABR42 Research Presentations: Day One, morning Saw four sessions this morning: -Herm Krabbenhoft on correcting the AL RBI records -Steven Glassman on how the Hall of Fame selection process has changed -Tom Harney on how the development of baseball since 1895 in Taiwan related to their national pride and politics -Rob Fitts on the 1934 […]

SABR42 Official Scorer’s Panel

(I was getting some hot tea since this one is back in the freezing cold ballroom. So I missed the first few sentences of introduction and Stew’s intro. This panel has David Vincent, Stew Thornley, and Gregg Wong, all of whom do scoring for MLB teams.) Stew Thornley: This year they (MLB) got all the […]

SABR42 in Minnesota! Dave St. Peter, president of the Twins

Here I am in Minneapolis for the 42nd annual SABR convention. Let me tell you, I am glad to be liveblogging if for no other reason than my laptop is warm! And these hotel ballrooms are BLOODY FREEZING. I’m already wearing long sleeves AND a wool sweater. I took copious notes during the business portion […]