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Today’s game in Tweets!

Today’s game in Tweets! Here’s a compilation of all the tweets I posted from the game live today. If you want to follow my live tweets next games, find me at

Kid in front of me has NY logo shaved in his hair. #Yankees

Phillies caps are neon red, with their bright blue jerseys looks like a college team. Now time for anthem

Must be warmer today. Umps switched to light blue shirts. Feels like about 70 degrees. Lots of phillies fans here. #Yankees

No Jeter, no Arod today. Kevin Russo 3b, Ramiro pena ss. When did we get Marcus Thames back?? He is in left field. Gardner, Swish, Teix.

Rollins whacks Vazquez first pitch for a home run. #Yankees

I know, I know. At least he threw a strike… Next batter, polanco, Cano robbed him on a soft liner.

Utley looked silly with a barn door swing and miss to strike out.

Some skinny kid pitching for the phils. Never heard announcement of his name. Might be Kyle Kendrick? He gets Gardner to pop out.

Phillies kid throws strikes. Johnson popup also. Teixeira feeling for it. Another fly ball, deeper, but still an out. Now to the second.

Ibanez strikes out. What is with Jorge overthrowing Vazquez though? Other than leadoff homer Vazquez looks good

Vazquez struck out the side. He knows these phillies well.

Just tried to use AtBat Lite to figure out phillies pitcher. Four at bats later it still hadn’t loaded anything. Gave up.

Uh oh. Albaladejo pitching for Yankees now. He stank Saturday. Retires first man on fly to left. Meanwhile The Boss just wheeled in.

Steinbrenner really looking frail and old. I’m glad I got to meet him back when he was still feisty. We writers used to lie in wait for him

Rollins reaches on bunt for a hit. Then polanco hits back to albaladejo who just gets glove on it but cano could not pick it up. 2 on 2 out.

Albaladejo lucky! Gave up a run but they say Polanco was hit by batted ball and called out, third out before Rollins scored.

Dave Robertson now pitching for #Yankees. Ryan Howard at bat. Roberson first pitch high outside.

Second pitch big swing and miss! Third called strike. But thn Howard hit a roller through second base hole.

Robertson has high ground ball rate. Underappreciated. Gets nice double play! Now to Werth. Walked him. Close call, Jorge framed it.

All of a sudden Robertson goes wacko. Wide pitch into L batter box, then bounced one.

The walk hurts. Francisco fouls off three in a row then doubles in the gap and werth scored.

How quickly it can go wrong. Robertson had Werth 3-2 and walked him instead of ending inning. Now 2 runs in, 2 on, still 2 out, pitching chg

Anyone know anything about Amaury Sanit? Other than he’s now pitching for the #Yankees? At Bat app finally tells me it’s Kendrick pitching for Phillies. Except they just changed pitchers. I think it’s Ramon Aguero? [Later: It was Jose Contreras, not listed on the printed roster.]

@YankeesWFAN ensberg’s tweeting, otherwise I’d have forgotten him. Sweeny, what do you know about Sanit?

@YankeesWFAN Sanit sure is looking better than Albaladejo… Thanks for the word about Aceves.

The Yankees finally score! Swisher doubles to the wall, nice drive, brings in Posada and Cano.

Sanit gets Polanco on excuse me swing soft grounder to first. Utley grounds a single up the middle. Howard at plate now.

Sanit gets Werth looking to end the inning! Now let’s get some runs!

I think Kevin Russo’s family is sitting two rows in front of us. They were the only ones clapping when introduced, going nuts now he doubled

Pena reaches, russo to third, then Gardner grounded to first to get run in! Tie game!

Johnson walked. Now Brandon Laird pinch running. Gerald’s brother. Posada walks too bases loade for Cano.

Cano delivers! Sharp hit through right side of infield for two runs. Swish up two on, two out.

Swish killing the ball today! Ground rule double to left. Gets nice hand as he is replaced by pinch runner. 5-3 Yanks, pitching change.

Typo. That is 6-3 Yankees.

Thames, former Yankee, ninth man to bat in inning, has two strikeouts. Time to join party…

Denied. Struck out looking.

Christian Garcia now pitching for #Yankees. First batter took him all the way to CF wall. Then a homer! But now nice doubleplay to escape.

Now we’re to the “who??” part of a spring game. reed gorecki now batting and playing center for #Yankees.

Now batting for Johnson (pinch ran for him) David Sublett. Struck out looking. Time for the YMCA.

Nice 1-2-3 inning for Garcia. Got two men looking including Ryan Howard, World Series Strikeout King.

Tracking players difficult at these games. Player earlier announced as Eduardo Nunez actually David Adams. He homers, 7-4 Yanks.

Especially hard when the At Bat app is a whole inning behind! Why call it “At Bat” when it’s not showing who is at bat at all? Sucks.

Top of the ninth. Where is Mariano?? Bradenton? I think that’s Zack Segovia on the mound trying to close it out.

Meanwhile in Bradenton, Yankees won 6-0.

Jimmy Parades, you’re no Brandon Laird. Leadoff Philly reaches on error. Also earlier I said Laird was in, but no, it’s David Sublett.

Dang. Valdez squirts a ball thru right side. One out, two on. Two outs to the win but slow in coming.

Segovia is losing his control. Needs a double play!

Bocock singles! 7-5 Yanks now. Bye Segovia, new pitcher trying to close it. Kevin Whelan. Let’s Go Yankees.

Whelan has a high set, leg kick. Strikes out Andy Tracy! One out to go!

Dominic Brown for Phillies down to last strike….

The Yankees win! Two wins today makes up for otherwise lackluster record so far. Feels nice even if it doesn’t count.

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