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Monthly Archives: August 2010

SABR 40: day two, post three

Do Batters Make Slumps Worse by Trying to Escape Them? Jeff Switchenko, with several co-authors Hitting with RISP: Real differences between players by Eric Van Are Outs Made on the Bases More Harmful than Other Types of Outs? David W. Smith

SABR 40: day two, post two

Revising Mantle’s Griffith Stadium Home Run A Case Study in Forensic Physics Alan Nathan An intriguing look at one of the most iconic moments in the career of one of baseball’s most iconic figures. Lots has been written about the famous homer, as written about in the book CLOUT by Dan Valenti. The characters: Yankee […]

SABR 40: day two, Braves Player Panel

SABR Liveblogging Day 2 I’m late to the Braves Player Panel. I would have been on time, but something I had at the breakfast buffet didn’t agree with me. I’m there now, though… Phil Niekro, Mark Lemke, Bobby Cox, Ron Gant, and moderated by Pete Van Wieren Recapped below!

Today’s Baseball in Tweets

Follow the action from SABR 40 via hashtag #sabr40 and detailed writeups every few hours at my blog # Argh. It would appear Why I Like Baseball is down at the moment. If only it were because so many millions of you are accessing it…? # Days of rest make a negligible effect on […]

SABR 40: day one, post three

In this post: Resting the Pitcher: How Useful are Pitch Counts and Days of Rest? Sean Forman and JC Bradbury Where have You Gone, Tony Lazzeri? Lawrence Baldasarro Pitchers As Fielders: A Quantitative Analysis or… Why Kirk Rueter is the best-fielding pitchers of all time John Knox 21 Facts You Didn’t Know About 1921 Steve […]

SABR 40: day one, post two

Liveblogging SABR 40! Just wrapped up two more research presentations: Sanctioned Post-Season Series by Marty Pankin and Mike Canton Using Marcel the Monkey to Help Understand Different Eras in Baseball by Andy Andres These are kind of raw reports, and I apologize for any typos. I’m typing as fast as I can most of the […]

SABR 40: day one, post one

I’ve had no sleep so I could be on a crack of dawn flight to Atlanta, but here I am! Liveblogging what I can from the 40th annual convention of the Society for American Baseball Research. There’s wireless in the conference area! So I’ll try to post more than once a day. First up: A […]

Writers Wanted for Yankees Annual

Starting tomorrow I will be liveblogging #SABR40 from Atlanta over at # Powered by Twitter Tools

LIveblogging SABR Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow I will be liveblogging #SABR40 from Atlanta over at # Powered by Twitter Tools

Today’s Baseball in Tweets

Writers on the Yankees wanted: # Powered by Twitter Tools