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2009 World Series Game One

Well, tonight’s game can be summarized in two words. Cliff Lee.

There, quickest game recap ever!

Well, okay, I suppose I can tell you some other things. There was soaking rain all day in New York, but it stopped around four o’clock and both teams were able to take batting practice outdoors. Worry about the weather pushed the planned Jay-Z/Alicia Keys duet to Game Two. I sought out Freddy the Fan and banged the pan for luck, but ultimately it was for naught.

The crowd was fired up at the start of the game, with the loudest, most intense Roll Call I have ever heard. Definitely the Bleacher Creatures have stepped up their game for the postseason. And the flashbulbs for the first pitch were positively blinding.

It was pretty much downhill from there, though. Lee’s complete dominance of the Yankees lineup (except for Derek Jeter, who went 3-for-4 with a double and a run scored) combined with CC Sabathia struggling with control took the crowd out of it early. So did Chase Utley’s first home run (of two), and the fact that in the bottom of the first a rather raw drizzle began to fall which kept up throughout the game. It lasted just as long as Lee, who pitched the complete 9 innings, giving up one unearned run in the ninth.

The bullpen continues to struggle. Matsui and Swisher also continue to struggle but then again so did everyone against Lee (except Jeter). A-Rod struck out three times, but hopefully that doesn’t get into his head. If he turns back into a pumpkin, the Yankees’ fairy tale is over.

I’m looking forward to a lively night tomorrow, though. No rain, and Pedro Martinez will be on the mound, which will surely rile the crowd into a frenzy. Here’s hoping for a better report tomorrow!

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