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Today’s Baseball in Tweets

  • Nghh. Got in at 1am last night thanks to rain delay & extra innings and just could not get up for the Black Sox panel this morning. #sabr40 #
  • Supposedly some nifty new revelations about the Black Sox and Joe Jackson were revealed today, but I needed sleep. Fill me in #sabr40 #
  • Why does the Wall Street Journal use the term "mass paperback" instead of "mass market paperback"? Did I miss a memo somewhere? #
  • Cooling my heels outside the banquet waiting for the speakers to start. No seats. I'll have to sit on the floor in the back to blog. #sabr40 #
  • Recap of Braves GM John Schuerholz's speech at #sabr40 posted at Why I Like Baseball: #
  • Notes from the New Technologies panel at #sabr40 (pitchf/x, Trackman doppler radar, etc) #
  • CC Sabathia left some balls over the plate in the 1st 2 innings, then shut down the Sox after that. Mo did the rest. #sabr40 #

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