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SABR 43 Lunch Keynote with Larry Bowa

I couldn’t come up with a good way to transcribe the luncheon keynote and still eat lunch and have room for my computer, so instead I tweeted just some of the choice comments from Larry Bowa and his interviewer Barry Bloom from my phone! Here’s the text of those:

@whyilikebb So we have a pinch hitter for the keynote. The MLB rep (Rob Manfred who was supposed to, I guess is tied up with BioGenesis stuff? So we got Larry Bowa!

@whyilikebb Apparently Barry Bloom will actually be grilling Bowa for the talk. This should be good.

@whyilikebb But first a standing ovation for John Zajc, SABR’s former director, who is here. 🙂

@whyilikebb Bloom: the first book I wrote with Larry Bowa was entitled BLEEP.

@whyilikebb Bloom: the second book was called I Hate to Lose, and he got fired at the end of that season too.

@whyilikebb Bloom: if we did a third book it would have to be called I Hate To Lose… My Job.

@whyilikebb Bowa: Two times fired, two books with Barry, Barry I think you’re done. Barry: Larry I think you’re done, too.

@whyilikebb Bowa: I couldn’t even make my high school team. I got cut every year. (In response to Barry saying he’s in the top 10 all time.)

@whyilikebb Bowa: a scout came to CA to see me in a doubleheader. I got thrown out of both games, one in the 3rd, then in the 1st or 2nd.

@whyilikebb Bowa: I told Mike Schmidt he better take some grounders at 3rd base because I planned to be at short a long time. He was 1st round.

@whyilikebb Bowa: when you win a championship that stays with you forever and your bond to that team stays forever.

@sabr We’re happy to have Larry Bowa of MLBNetwork here at #SABR43 with Barry Bloom

@whyilikebb Bloom: Could you manage again? Bowa: absolutely. In 2001 they hired me to change the culture. I said how about change the players?

@whyilikebb Bowa: When you win manager of the year, it’s because of the players.
@whyilikebb Bloom: any truth to the rumor if Charlie steps down, Ryno could be manager and you could be bench coach?

@whyilikebb Bowa: Well Ryno is one of my closest friends. (Then blows smoke up Bloom’s bleep.)

@whyilikebb Bloom: I’m going to take that as a yes!

@whyilikebb Bowa: That Cardinals fan wants to know what the Cubs need to do to win. I think the Cubs are on the right track.

@whyilikebb Bowa tells story about Benito Santiago not running out balls as a rookie. I told him I’ll put you back in when you’re ready to play.

@whyilikebb Bowa: I figured he’d come ask back in. Two days went by and Jack McKeon is on me “what are you doing! He’s our best player!”

@whyilikebb Bowa: On the fourth day he finally came in and I said thank god, I almost lost my job over that. He played hard after that!

@whyilikebb Bowa: (on Robinson Cano) Torre told me you’re in charge of the infield and I need you to take him on because he can be a little lazy.

@whyilikebb Bowa: so Cano is there with me every day at 8:30 am for several days but then one day he’s late. I read him the riot act and now…

@whyilikebb Bowa: It reached the point Cano would be calling ME up to hit him ground balls on an off day after a road trip! He became a worker.

?@Phrozen_ Larry #sabr43 “I heard what Papelbon said the other day, about get me outta here, and then I see last night, don’t upset the baseball gods!”

@Coral_Rae Larry Bowa is hilarious!

@whyilikebb Bowa: Bob Gibson was a great pitcher, but he was a MEAN great pitcher.

@whyilikebb Bowa: My first game I struck out four times and hung my head, and Bob Wellman said don’t worry, this pitcher is going to be special.

@Coral_Rae “…It was Nolan Ryan.”- Larry Bowa

@Craftynickle @sabr love this format of luncheon with q and a well done #sabr43 know it was a last minute idea!?

@cantpitch Larry Bowa as the next @Twins manager? Sounds like he might be looking for a job.

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